5 Ways Swinging Makes A Relationship More Fun

Swinging is not the thing that typically crosses the mind of most couples when they are thinking of fun things to do together. A threesome, maybe, but the idea of having a full partner swap with another couple is unthinkable to most. However, those that have taken the big leap and survived it, will tell you that their relationship has been a lot more fun since they started swinging. This may be hard for monogamous couples to believe, but most experienced swinger couples would agree with me that swinging did a few or all of these 5 things to their relationship.

1. You Get To Share Each Other’s Fantasies

Whether you are in a swinging relationship or not, it is natural and common for you to have fantasies about sexual experiences that may not include your partner. If you are in a monogamous relationship, it’s most likely that you have to suppress these feelings, as sharing them with your partner may get you in big trouble. Swingers do not have this problem. Once you are in an open relationship, all things are now out in the open and you and your partner can talk about these fantasies, and better yet, help each other in making them come through.

2. You’ll Enjoy An Improved Social Life

Once you become active in the swinging community, going to events and parties become a big part of your overall lifestyle. Whether it is to a private house party on a Saturday night, a local swingers club or group holiday experience, swingers are always looking for the next event to attend, where they can meet other swinger couples. Apart from the sex, one of the greatest things that couples get from these events is amazing friendships with like-minded people. People you get to be yourself around and you will most likely start spending the majority of your social time with.

3. Your Sex Life With Each Other Will Be Way Better

Sex is like your favourite sport. The more you do it, the more you want to do it and the better you are at it. Taking it even a step further, the more people you get to practise with, the more skilled you become. This then gets translated to your private bedroom where you get to show off your new skills and a renewed appetite for sex to your partner. If you get an opportunity to talk to a few swinger couples, most of them will tell you that they have had better and more frequent sex since being in the lifestyle.

4. Your Relationship Is No Longer Susceptible To Boredom

Most couples are afraid to admit the fact that it is possible that they end up growing bored with each other. This is especially true for couples that have been together for a long time, and now have children and other major responsibilities that you have to now dedicate significant time and attention to. By getting involved in the swinging lifestyle, you and your partner get to share something you can both be excited about and look forward to. The feeling you get from being swingers is very similar to that teenage love affair feeling. It’s naughty, it’s secretive, it’s taboo and that makes it even more enjoyable.

5. You Pay More Attention To Each Other

One of the biggest fears people have about getting involved in the swinging lifestyle is the fear of losing their partner, and the fear of feeling jealous. That is not exactly a bad thing for a relationship. This is the type of competition and challenge you can use as a reason to pay more attention to your partner and to never take each other for granted. Swinging challenges your relationship, forces you to communicate more often, and ultimately make you better at making the effort to give more time and attention to your partner.

Is Swinging The New Fountain Of Youth?

Getting old is an inevitable fate that we all have to someday deal with. As much as man tries to defy nature, this cycle is what keeps the world going and it will never change. However, it has been proven time and time again that even though we cannot stop the ageing process, we can alter the way in which we age. The single biggest determining factor when it comes to individual ages, is that person’s lifestyle habits and attitude. Not exercising, eating bad food, smoking….. What about monogamous relationships? Could being sexually restricted for the rest of your life contribute to the acceleration of the ageing process?

For the average person, their glory days of being physically attractive go back to the years that they were single and living spontaneously. When you are out in the world to have fun and seek attraction from others, you naturally tend to take very special care in the way you carry yourself and your general health. It’s not just the physical, attitude has a lot to do with how a person ages. So how exactly would a monogamous relationship contribute to you ageing faster? Well, take a look at ten people you knew when they were single, that have been now married for over 7 years. How are they now, compared to those days? Physically, if they use to be, are they still as diligent about taking care of their bodies? Are they still as fun? The answer six out of ten times will probably be no to both questions. When a relationship is without adventure and excitement, it is human nature that those involved will stop caring. When each day brings the same thing as the day before, you stop living and pretty much all you are doing is going through the motions and waiting to die. This is the mindset that kick starts your days of “getting old.”

So how is this different if you are a swinger?

When you are in a swinging relationship, the very things that kept your interest in looking and feeling good, the very things that had you excited about life and having fun, those things are present in that relationship. Swinger couples, like singles, do not have the restrictions of the average monogamous couple. Swingers get to go out on weekends, party, express their attraction to others other than their spouses, explore fantasies and all things involved in keeping your levels of oxytocin higher than the average. It’s these types of feel good moments that encourage a person to continue taking care of their physical health and well-being, and continue to provide the affirmation you need to maintain a positive outlook on life. The ideal recipe for the restoration and preservation of youthfulness. If you attend a swingers party, you will notice that females in the swinging lifestyle in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, look and act ten to fifteen years younger than their vanilla peers. Like monogamous couples, swingers spend their normal weekdays taking care of family and business, which can be equally as stressful for all. The difference is, swinger couples have the weekends or vacations to look forward to, where there are no restrictions as to how much they are able to express themselves, both in body and spirit.

Human beings live for the future, and not the present. However, when the future looks a lot like the not so exciting present, giving up seems like the next best thing. Being in an open relationship creates a future that holds adventure and excitement in abundance. For this reason, swinger couples work hard to stay sexy and healthy and always have a positive outlook on life, keeping us younger for

A Look Into The Lives Of Swingers

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An interview was conducted on real life swinger couples that gave insight into the life of swingers.

People have a lot of misconception about the life of swingers. A lot of them think that couples that is not able to satisfy each other sexually often get into this kind of lifestyle. This is absolutely a myth and the fact of the matter is that couples that participate in swinging activities share much stronger bonds than monogamous couples.

Apparently, couples that openly swap partners to fulfill their need for a passionate night are increasing at a rapid rate. The trend of swinging is becoming quite popular, recognized as a sort of new “sexual relationship” revolution. Those who swing, openly claim that monogamous couples are missing out some real fun in their marriage life.

Forget the notion that swinging culture is restricted to middle-aged couples that are bored from their marriage after spending a decade with each other. Behind the closed doors of swinger parties, you will find many attractive and young couples swapping partners just to add some fun in their intimate life. Irony is that these couples are totally happy with each other and do not find anything wrong with the swinging. They are just looking for some raw fun.

“We enjoy sex with each other more than we do here,” says 23 years old Sara from Eatontown, N.J, who was at the swingers party with her boyfriend. She adds, “we have pretty amazing sex at home and coming here is all about exploring physical attraction and not emotional”. Sara and her boyfriend Michael have been in a committed relationship for over a year now and do not mind going for “full swaps”, but refuse to kiss their alternative partners.

According to Michael, “sex is more mechanical, while kissing is intimate and we would like to keep it exclusive for us”.

National surveys also suggest that more than 60 percent of marriages end up cause of cheating and infidelity. Involve cheating. One recent study showed that in the last two decades, the number of unfaithful partners under the age of 30 increased by 35 percent.

Interestingly, every swinger believes that they have a solution to this problem. They claim to share much stronger and adventurous bond with their partner in comparison to couples who do not swap.

“People that are of a certain degree of attractiveness are probably looking to interact and swap partners with other people that are a certain degree of attractiveness so they are a good-looking person,” said Nicole Cray, a self-described swing school instructor for Behind Closed Doors. “If you’re not a good-looking person, it’s probably not the right party for you.”

Kate and Robert from Edgewater, N.J., are in their 30s and have been living together from last three years. She is a realtor and Robert is a radio jockey. They like to engage into “soft swapping” with strangers and their idea of swinging is to add some intimate fun in their lives, apart from regular kinky stuff. Kate says, “We do not engage in penetration and prefer to try things that are under our comfort level”.

The best way to describe swinging is to date strange couples. Swinging is something couples can do together, without worrying about cheating and infidelity. In short, it eliminates the risk of divorces due to

A Couple’s Secret: How Swinging Can Make Relationships Stronger

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Couples who swing together, stay together.

If you are a swinger couple, you have probably heard from others that polyamory is just wrong. Swinging is still a taboo among most people. People at times misconceive it as a result of a broken relationship. The truth is far beyond the taboo. In fact, the swinger couples are happier than ever. You will hardly be able to distinguish them as swinger couples.

Unique Lifestyle Of Swinger Couples

There is a unique charm in the lifestyle that claims to be more of a discovery about sexualities and fantasies. This new “swing lifestyle” has opened the platform for people to distinguish between love and sex. It used to be the game of married couples that share sex and love in a way that is quite mixed up.

You Never Know Who The Swinger Couples Might Be

People start to react in an awkward way when they hear the word “swinger.” The lifestyle is beyond swapping of partners. The concept lies in open sexual relationships. The concept of “vanilla” has been derived from the thinking people. Vanillas are those people who stay away from open sexual relationships.

The couples may not have met before in any way, but when they do meet, they enjoy it to the maximum possible extent.

Interest Among The Swinger Couples

There are different ways to participate in swinging parties for the couples. Some like to listen to the steamy talk of the swingers. Some like to adopt the mode of voyeurism while some others like to be exhibitionists. To go beyond fulfilling sexual fantasies, some women like to have threesomes. A Unicorn is a newly developed concept of swinging for single ladies.

Choices That Swinger Couples Have At Their Disposal

The First Choice: Denial is the best way to keep your relationship going. Being with each other and being happy to live it up to. Suppressing the odd feelings can make things better and stronger.

The Second Choice: Adultery is the second choice for swingers that help in fulfilling the suppressed desires.

The Third Choice: This decision makes the couple one of the hardcore ones. Trust and communication are the words that play important roles in making swingers’ lives full of fun and enjoyment. Open, and direct communication further makes the bond of commitment better.

Swinger couples are happier and more, and more people are joining the lifestyle daily. It can be intimidating and exciting at the same time when you join the club for the first time. The quantum of privacy always helps people to get interacted with the whole process. Nervousness goes away with time. Once you start swinging, swinger couples start to enjoy it.

One enjoys and tells the other. The concept has spread across like a wildfire. The number of pairs increases daily. Joining a swingers website is a concept that allows the couples to introduce their spouses with other couples. Everybody is aware of the whole process. This is beyond race, status and age.

Happiness is what comes from within. When you do it, you feel it. When you feel it, you enjoy it. When you enjoy it, the number increases like what is happening today.

14 Essential Tips for First-Time Swingers

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Bringing another couple into your relationship can be intimidating to couples not accustomed to “sharing” a partner. However, once the initial reservations are overcome swinging can bring excitement and a sense of newness to your relationship that is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Any couple that is exploring the lifestyle for the first time should first establish their comfort zones, both as a couple and as individuals. You may want to try attending and event where you can simply watch or have others look at you while in a group setting without structure. At the start of your explorations, you may also want to attend a more intimate event in which you and your partner interact with only one other couple such as entertaining at someone’s house. Attending these two types of events will give you both a better idea of what your comfort level is.

Remember that in any situation at any type of event you may choose not to participate. Sometimes couples attend an event where they do not participate for many reasons. Perhaps they didn’t find another couple that seems suited to them or the environment is not in their comfort level. Whatever the reason, you will not be frowned upon for choosing not to participate.

As a couple new to swinging you should talk together about what your expectations are for both yourself and your partner, and any ground rules that may aid in your first lifestyle experience. (Of course, these rules may change, but it’s good to establish some for the first experience so that you are both on the same page). Communication between you and your partner both before and during your swinging experiences is the key to having a pleasurable first experience. Here are some other suggestions:

1. Use role-playing to simulate a sexual experience with another couple.  

Couples can play out a swinging fantasy by each partner pretending that the other is a stranger. Make it a point to talk about your feelings afterwards. Did you feel nervous, stimulated, excited, anxious, or jealous? It is essential to discuss all of your feelings so that you or your partner is not surprised during a real swinging experience. If you have an idea of how you may feel you can make your experience even more pleasurable.

2. For your first experience discuss with your partner the possibility of meeting another couple alone.

There are usually many couples attending a party, and the energy may be infectious prompting couples to experiment further than they had discussed. On the other hand, the large number of people at a party may be intimidating, preventing first-timers from experimenting or even participating at all. In a one-on-one situation with another couple in a more intimate setting, it is easier to control what happens, and you are more likely to focus on how you and your partner are feeling.

3. Stay together while attending your first few parties.

Your first party sets the stage for your future swinging experiences. Therefore, it is imperative that you are both comfortable and have fun. If you stay together, you can communicate and stay in touch with the way your partner is feeling. Communication is the key to establishing your comfort zone and therefore making the most of your swinging experience. If at your first party, you leave your partner to play with someone else, you better have a LOT of fun because it will most likely be your only lifestyle experience!

4. Watch first then play in parallel.

For your first experience, it is important that everyone establish his or her comfort zones. Therefore, it is essential to progress slowly, especially if one person is apprehensive. I suggest starting with watching other couples play. If you are both comfortable with this enjoy the excitement and play together, just the two of you, but in the same room as another couple.

5. Play at the same level as your partner.

Try to keep the level of intimacy between all people involved about equal. This is just a suggestion, not a strict rule. However, the more the balance of intimacy falters, the more likely it is that someone will become uncomfortable. If your partner is having full-fledged intercourse while you are just talking with your swapped partner, you could become uncomfortable fairly quickly, especially if you are new to the lifestyle.
6. Ensure both partners are having FUN!

Play so that you both are having fun. Don’t focus on just one person so that one of you is getting all of the attention, especially in your first few encounters. With experience, it is easier to take turns and keep everyone happy and comfortable.

7. Establish a “save me” signal.

Before you begin any swinging encounters establish a signal that either partner can give at any point in the experience that says, “Something is up. We need to talk.” This signal will be used if someone becomes uncomfortable. If either partner gives the signal stop and talk immediately, no matter what is happening.

8. Take home the eroticism and passion.

Playing with another couple can exponentially increase the sexual attraction between you and your significant other. One of the main reasons couples swing is to enhance their own relationship, both sexually and emotionally. A great swinging experience improves your own relationship. Re-experience your encounters when you get home.

9. Men, do not be surprised if you have difficulty keeping an erection. Women, be prepared to play without an erection to assist.

One of nature’s cruellest jokes was to give a man his most desired fantasy only to have experience penis malfunction. It will happen. Despite the common conception that men will jump at any opportunity for sex regardless of the partner, it is often difficult for a male to overcome the socially reinforced belief that sleeping with someone other than his partner is forbidden.

10. Swinging can be a bad experience if:

i) Someone gets a disease

ii) You believe that swinging is wrong but wonder if a personal experience could convince you otherwise (you won’t be convinced)

iii) You do not communicate with your partner

iv) You are not prepared emotionally or physically

11) You can make swinging even better for you and your partner by:

i) Staying in communication with your partner

ii) Experience erotic pleasure in ways other than intercourse

ii) Expanding your experiences to include even more fun games to play at home

12) No means no.

…but sometimes it’s hard to say no. You may be unsure of your partner’s feelings or even our own, you may not know how to say “no”, or you may just be uncomfortable rejecting someone. In the case you need/want to say “no” but can’t/won’t, simply withdraw. Go to the bathroom. This is always an acceptable excuse. Creating a no-pressure situation is very important when swinging, especially for newcomers.

13) Do not play with couples in conflict.

We all have problems from time to time. However, if it is obvious that a couple is not getting along it is likely that swinging with that couple will turn negative.


Swinging is about enjoying intimacy with your partner and heightening the experience by including other couples. Relax and have fun!

10 Useful Tips For First Time Swingers

The swinging lifestyle can be the most amazing thing that happens to your relationship if it is approached the right way. Before taking that big step, it is important to take some time to consider all possible scenarios and establish proper rules and guidelines. If you are a couple considering becoming swingers, here are ten useful tips and guidelines to follow.

1. Learn the rules and start slow.

Don’t rush into the lifestyle without understanding what swinging is all about. Read some of the popular literature and online forums about swinging. Be informed about issues and conflicts that arise within the larger swinging community.

2. Start with a couple you’re comfortable with.

Finding a more experienced couple that is willing to mentor you and offer swinging advice is important. Typically more mature couples have more experience in the lifestyle are ready and able to help you work through some of the first time jitters.

3. Communicate with your partner.

Just because you’ve both agreed to try out swinging, doesn’t mean that swinging means the same things to both of you. Most sure you set ground rules with your partner about what’s OK before you begin engaging with other partners.

4. Always practice safe sex.

There are a myriad of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) out there that you don’t want to catch. Always use condoms and insist that your partners do the same. Get tested regularly for STDs.

5. Don’t get drunk or high.

Having a few glasses of wine to relax is fine. Having 15 shots before you arrive at the party is not. If you need to be intoxicated to feel comfortable with the activities you’re engaging in, swinging is not for you.

6. No means no.

Don’t feel like you need to justify or explain your reason for saying no. If there’s an activity you’re not interested in, a simple, “No thank you” is a sufficient refusal. Don’t give in to peer pressure.

7. Don’t be rude.

Avoid telling potential partners that you’re not interested in them just because they’re not your type. You never know whom that person is a friend with and who they might be able to introduce you. Be friendly and don’t close any doors.

8. Go to the event prepared.

Don’t assume that host will provide anything. Be prepared and bring everything you’ll need for the night with you. If there are special lubes or toys you want to use don’t forget them at home.

9. Don’t do things that you’ll regret.

It may be exciting to try things you’ve never tried, but don’t do anything that you’d be embarrassed about the next morning. Don’t be persuaded to take photos or video, without thinking about the long-term consequences.

10. Have fun.

It’s easy to get nervous and over think things. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Swinging can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

10 Rules All Newbies Must Follow At An Orgy Party

It is usually very easy to pick out the newbies when you go to any orgy room or orgy party. It does not matter how much you think you are ready for it, no one can really be prepared for the first sight of naked bodies everywhere having sex. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or carried away if it’s your first time attending an orgy. However, there are some rules and guidelines that everyone, including newbies, must follow when at an orgy party.

1. Don’t act brand new

Even if you are new to the sex party set up, don’t let everyone else know. Just play it cool. You’ve all seen an orgy porn scene. Now, it’s just 3D. Act like you have been there before. Things will go a lot smoother.

2. Get in where you fit in

Don’t be shy. Looking around is OK. If you catch someone staring back at you with a smile, that is usually a clue to go say hello. Use your charm, be graceful and get into the action. Truthfully, you won’t need much. People are there for sex. So get to sexing.

3. Don’t get attached

Orgies are all about the animalistic urge to have sex. Nothing more. If you start out with one person and they wants to move on, let them. This isn’t the place for feelings. It’s a sex buffet; so feel free to sample the rest of the dishes… as long as they want, you to.

4. Don’t Be Surprised

Orgy parties normally get very freaky. There are many different people with different sexual interest and preferences, so don’t actor looked surprised if you see people doing freaky things that you are not used to. Feel free to watch and enjoy if you are fascinated by what’s happening, but you are not there to judge so if you do not like something, simply move on.

5. Don’t push it

You can only go as far as your partner(s) wants to go. Don’t try to force your own sexual agenda on someone else. If they’re for it then fine. If not, then be respectful and understanding about it. Forcing anyone or anything will have you thrown out and never invited back to another party.

6. No pass interference. 

Don’t disrupt any of the sex going on. Remember, you want to be a cog in the sex machine. You don’t want to be a monkey wrench. Don’t get in the way of the other participants. Everybody’s trying to get down, so don’t interfere with them, just join them.

7. Bring A Partner

If you are not a couple, then find a partner to bring along with you. Preferably a partner of the opposite sex if it’s a heterosexual orgy. Looking like a lonely shark or a timid lonely mouse is never an attractive thing at a sex party. It’s way easier to get into the action when you have a partner, and it’s way more attractive.

8. Know the party rules

Each orgy party may have their own set of rules. Make sure you know the parameters of the scene. You’d hate to be the only guy there unprepared. Remember, you don’t want to look like the clueless newbie. So, make sure you know what’s going to happen once you get there.

9. No cameras

Unless they say you can bring one, leave it at home. You’ll just have to use your descriptive skills to illustrate what happened to all of your less fortunate and horny friends. Grab your Thesaurus.

10. Have fun. 

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable. Sex with a bunch of people should be even more enjoyable; if you’re into that sort of thing. So have some fun. Be open-minded and experiment a little. No one is there to judge so feel free to push your sexual boundaries.


5 Reasons To Consider Swinging

The average person thinks swingers are crazy and they cannot even begin to fathom why someone would find pleasure out of sharing their partner with someone else. It’s these types of selfish thoughts that will keep many couples from enjoying the type of fulfilment that swinger couples get to share in their relationships. If you just open you mind to see the possible benefits of swinging, you will quickly realise how this can take your relationship from good to amazing. Here are 5 reasons you may want to consider swinging.

1. Maintain An Exciting And Active Sex Life

It is no secret that after the first 3 to 5 years of marriage, the average couple goes from having sex several times a week, to once or twice weekly, sometimes one or twice a month. Sex is 100% mental, and it is very normal for boredom to sneak in, after several years of doing the same thing over and over. Couples, who find ways to spice up their relationships, tend to be better able to maintain that spark for much longer. One of the best parts about being in the swinging lifestyle is that you get to keep things interesting with your partner by sharing and exploring different sexual fantasies. Every swinger couple you meet will tell you that they have the best sex together after a night out hooking up with friends. Sometimes just having the permission to talk about different fantasies with each other is all you need to get things riled up in the bedroom.

2. No Need To Cheat

It is said that 30 to 60 percent of all married couples will have an affair at some point in their relationship. That means 6 out of every ten people who judge others for swinging would actually prefer to cheat. It is no coincidence that most people, even when married, their eyes tend to wander. This is because monogamy is very unnatural, and it is something we have to train ourselves to be. Evidence shows that most people fail in the attempt. Swinger couples have the benefit of being with their soul mate, while still getting to enjoy the many natural sexual fantasies and desires they have. The best part is that they get to live out these fantasies with the love of their lives. There is absolutely no need to cheat when you have the permission to express and act out your sexual fantasies.

3. Better Communication And Honesty

One of the most valuable things couples gain from being in the swinging lifestyle, is the ability to properly and frequently communicate with each other. Once permission is given to reveal those suppressed desired, you would be amazed at what other areas of communication are opened up. Swinger couples enjoy the benefit of expressing themselves freely in their relationships, leaving no room for lies and secrets.

4. Sustained Youth

For most couples, getting married is the beginning of growing old. All the many pleasures that kept you young and alive as a single person have now cast aside for a more routine and conservative “marriage appropriate” lifestyle. When couples become swingers, they get to enjoy many of the same things they use to enjoy as a single person. Also, swingers take more pride in their physical health as it increases their chances of hooking up with other couples. There is nothing that keeps you young like having fun and taking care of your body.

5.  An Incredible Social Life

On of the first things you sacrifice when you get married is your social life of the past. It is normal for partners in a relationship, to give up old friends, and old lifestyle habits that were once enjoyed, for the purpose of a happy marriage. This formula has failed very badly thus far, leaving us with a divorce rate of over 40%. What is even greater than the sex in the swinging lifestyle, is the friendships that you get to make. The best of friends we have today are swingers, and there is always a reason to go out and have fun together with like-minded people who want to live and enjoy life the same way you do.

Swinging is not for everyone. However, if you are one of those individuals who feel unfulfilled by being in a monogamous relationship, cheating is not the answer. By communicating your desires with your partner, you may find that they are having the same thoughts as you, and if that is the case, you will definitely find many of the things you are looking for, by exploring the swinging lifestyle.

Swinging For Newbies: 5 Keys To Having A Successful First Experience

The first time for anything is the most exciting, most memorable, and the most terrifying. These mixed emotions are a part of the reason your first experience is so unique. For a new couple, taking that next step from talking about wanting to experience the swinging lifestyle, to actually doing it can be quite nerve-racking. A lot of couples spend months, pondering and talking about it, even fantasising before they actually do anything physical.

The real truth is the only thing that keeps a new couple from wanting to take that next step is the fear of failure. You have invested years in your relationship with your partner, and in just one instant, so many things could go wrong if this swinging thing turns out to be a disaster. All these feelings are quite normal and if you are having these exact thoughts, just know that almost every single lifestyle couple went through this before they had their first experience.

Based on my experience with newbie couples and being around the swinging lifestyle for so many years, here are the five key things to having a successful first experience.

Don’t Stop Communicating

You can never talk about it enough. Though it’s hard to know exactly how you will react after things become real, talking about each possible scenario will sometimes trigger an emotion that will indicate to you whether something feels right or not. Communication only works when there is honesty. Share your every single thought and emotion with your partner. The ones that make you nervous, the ones that make you excited and the ones that are absolutely terrifying. Be sure to help each other out as you are both newbies and could be experiencing the same emotions. Your partner may be nervous to share all their thoughts with you because they are afraid of how you might react. You can help him or her out by asking bold questions and letting them know that it is safe to give an honest answer, as you will not overreact. Be the support for each other. Listen to your partner’s communication

 Establish Ground Rules

The reason for communicating to discover and reveal the things that may make you uncomfortable based on the emotions you have when you think about them. We call these the rules or boundaries. Establish your ground rule and respect each other’s wishes. Rules are not up for negotiation in the beginning, however, many times the rules get relaxed based on comfort levels. If your partner is not OK with something right now, it does not mean they never will be. Give them the time to evolve, but for now, respect where they are at. If it does not work for both, it does not work at all. Be honest about your rules, share them with your partner and respect each other boundaries and you will never go wrong.

No Rush, No Pressure

It’s very normal to feel like you have to do something soon because you have been talking about it for so long. Do not pressure yourself; don’t rush into anything before you are completely ready. Sometimes it helps to just be in an environment watching other couples and how they handle different situations. Never let “not hooking up” be a let down or disappointment. When the time is right for both partners, you will know. If you are ready and your partner is not, here is my advice to you, “go as fast as the slowest person.”

Put Your Partners Needs First

The most successful couples in the swinging lifestyle are normally the ones who are most “selfless”. Couples, who take a genuine interest in each other’s pleasure, almost always have amazing experiences and very little drama. For sure it’s ok for you to find some enjoyment for yourself out of this new and exciting venture. But trust me when I say this, the more you give, the more you will get. Yes, that rule applies here too. Find out the things that your partner is interested in experiencing, help him or her in fulfilling those fantasies, and a good partner will do the same for you.

Find A Safe Couple

Sometimes the first couple we are attracted to may not be the best couple to share your first experience with. The other couple is an important part of how successful your first experience is. There is a lot of amazing couples in the swinging lifestyle that enjoys helping newbies have a great introduction to swinging. As well as there are couples that are selfish, and may take little consideration to the fact that you are new and, you may not be where they are at regarding the things you are willing to do. Find a couple that takes an interest in your rules as a newbie couple, and they are will to go only as far or as fast as you ready to go.

Being in the swinging lifestyle can really be an exciting experience for couples that want to experiment. As long as you communicate well with your partner, be patient and selfless, you will no doubt have a fantastic first time. If you are a newbie couple looking to take that next step, please take these five tips into consideration. Your first experience has a better chance of being fun and drama free if you do.