5 Ways Swinging Makes A Relationship More Fun

Swinging is not the thing that typically crosses the mind of most couples when they are thinking of fun things to do together. A threesome, maybe, but the idea of having a full partner swap with another couple is unthinkable to most. However, those that have taken the big leap and survived it, will tell you that their relationship has been a lot more fun since they started swinging. This may be hard for monogamous couples to believe, but most experienced swinger couples would agree with me that swinging did a few or all of these 5 things to their relationship.

1. You Get To Share Each Other’s Fantasies

Whether you are in a swinging relationship or not, it is natural and common for you to have fantasies about sexual experiences that may not include your partner. If you are in a monogamous relationship, it’s most likely that you have to suppress these feelings, as sharing them with your partner may get you in big trouble. Swingers do not have this problem. Once you are in an open relationship, all things are now out in the open and you and your partner can talk about these fantasies, and better yet, help each other in making them come through.

2. You’ll Enjoy An Improved Social Life

Once you become active in the swinging community, going to events and parties become a big part of your overall lifestyle. Whether it is to a private house party on a Saturday night, a local swingers club or group holiday experience, swingers are always looking for the next event to attend, where they can meet other swinger couples. Apart from the sex, one of the greatest things that couples get from these events is amazing friendships with like-minded people. People you get to be yourself around and you will most likely start spending the majority of your social time with.

3. Your Sex Life With Each Other Will Be Way Better

Sex is like your favourite sport. The more you do it, the more you want to do it and the better you are at it. Taking it even a step further, the more people you get to practise with, the more skilled you become. This then gets translated to your private bedroom where you get to show off your new skills and a renewed appetite for sex to your partner. If you get an opportunity to talk to a few swinger couples, most of them will tell you that they have had better and more frequent sex since being in the lifestyle.

4. Your Relationship Is No Longer Susceptible To Boredom

Most couples are afraid to admit the fact that it is possible that they end up growing bored with each other. This is especially true for couples that have been together for a long time, and now have children and other major responsibilities that you have to now dedicate significant time and attention to. By getting involved in the swinging lifestyle, you and your partner get to share something you can both be excited about and look forward to. The feeling you get from being swingers is very similar to that teenage love affair feeling. It’s naughty, it’s secretive, it’s taboo and that makes it even more enjoyable.

5. You Pay More Attention To Each Other

One of the biggest fears people have about getting involved in the swinging lifestyle is the fear of losing their partner, and the fear of feeling jealous. That is not exactly a bad thing for a relationship. This is the type of competition and challenge you can use as a reason to pay more attention to your partner and to never take each other for granted. Swinging challenges your relationship, forces you to communicate more often, and ultimately make you better at making the effort to give more time and attention to your partner.

5 Great Relationship Benefits Couples Gain From Swinging

While the swinging lifestyle may not work for every relationship, those who are fortunate enough to have tried swinging and it has worked for them, get to enjoy some amazing relationship benefits that come from being a part of the swinging lifestyle. Contrary to what the non-lifestyle community may believe, many swinger couples seems to enjoy healthier stronger relationships that their vanilla peers. Aside from having sex with multiple people, there are some other great benefits of being in a swinging relationship. Here are five of those benefits.

1. Constant And Open Communication

A couple that survives being in the swinging lifestyle is a couple that has learnt to successfully maintain constant and open communication with each other. This is especially so in the early stages of open relationship exploration. Every day new situations will occur that continually challenges your relationship, and the only way you will survive them is by talking them through with your partner. Communication provides security and assurance, and once you have mastered the art, it becomes a very useful tool that helps other areas of your relationship.

2. Higher Level Of Intimacy

After the first three years of a relationship, the level of intimacy between partners is said to reduced by over fifty percent. That statistic does not apply to couples in the swinging community. The reason this happens to regular vanilla couples is that their natural sexual desires are suppressed for so long, those desires eventually die to the point where getting stimulated becomes a chore. Sex is always at the forefront of a swinging relationship. Swingers get to share and live out their fantasy with their partners, keeping them constantly stimulated sexually, which helps to promote a higher level of intimacy with each other.

3. A Great Social Life

Our friend’s from Playboy Radio Mike and Holli said it best, “You come for the sex; you stay for the relationships.” It is called the “Lifestyle Community” for a reason. Many swinger couples have made their best life long friends since becoming a part of the lifestyle community. You will find that once you become a swinger, and you have gotten to meet a good group of people in the lifestyle, it is much harder to continue hanging out with your vanilla friends. It’s so much more fun and easier to spend time with your swinger friends, because you can be more open and honest about who you truly are with your swinger friends, without worrying about being judged.

4. Increased Self Confidence

We tend to be too hard on ourselves especially when it comes to how we appear physically, and sometimes just hearing that you look great from your spouse alone isn’t enough. One of the most amazing things about being in the swinging community is that you get to hear from others how beautiful and sexy you are, which inevitably helps to boost your self-confidence. Everyone loves to feel desired, and that is something you will get a lot of being a swinger. This fact is especially noticeable amongst the females in the swinging community. After they get past the newbie phase and they have rekindled their sexuality, you get to witness a whole new person being born. It’s amazing how much more attractive a little bit of self-confidence can make you look.

5. Restored Youthfulness

When you stop having fun in life, the only thing left to do is get old. Having fun is the ultimate fountain of youth, and swingers get to have a good time. So many people live their lives talking about how much fun they had in their twenties, or in college when they had the freedom to explore the world as the pleased. Swinger couples do not need always to live in the past because they get to recreate those fun moments every weekend if they so desire. This type of spontaneity and adventure that swingers get to enjoy keeps them looking and feeling younger for longer, something every adult in this world covets.

Become a swinger does not provide all the answers to a couple’s problems. As a matter of fact, if a couple is having problems with their relationship, swinging is definitely not the answer. However, for those who are open and brave enough to enter and survive the swinging lifestyle, they get to enjoy some great relationship benefits that many vanilla couples can only dream about.

What It Was like being a unicorn at a swingers resort

I was never the cool kid in high school. I didn’t belong to any cliques and lunch hour was often the most terrifying part of the day. If one of my handful of close friends wasn’t in the cafeteria, this wallflower would often retreat to the library, then scarf down the world’s fastest meal at the very end of lunch hour. The less time spent in a state of social awkwardness, the better.

But, as an adult, I’ve completely embraced my role as a unicorn, aka the hard-to-find female DTF in the world of swingers and open relationships. I know many monogamists that insist upon being the center of sexual attention — always — but as a unicorn, that focus often inadvertently sways in my favor with little to no effort. I’ve embraced being a third, a relationship novelty. Yet you’re never an afterthought – your extra set of hands, boobs, mouth and ass are highly sought after by couples. In my experience, swingers are eager to make their unicorns happy and take a team approach to pleasure. That attention only begets more sexual energy from ever-grateful me. Everybody wins.

I recently had the full-tilt unicorn experience at Hedonism, the granddaddy of nudist resorts, in Negril, Jamaica. I tend to live in a “make your own fun” mindset, but Hedonism is adult fun on steroids. It’s a tropical paradise where anything goes — however you choose to define it. For some, it may be as mild as watching couples on the clothing optional side of the resort. After dark, things get wilder. (I’ll leave it at that and let your imagination run cray cray.)

As a single female, albeit one in an ethically non-monogamous relationship, I garnered an uptick of attention from men, women and couples that I wouldn’t normally receive on a solo girl’s getaway. Not everyone wanted to have sex with me, but they sure were curious as to why a seemingly nice woman was at a nudist resort by herself. The answer is pretty simple: I like sex, and although I have a partner who adores and satisfies me, my interests are vast and I seek variety in experiences. Cue the almighty mythical unicorn status.

Sex aside, I like the (generally) sex-positive attention that being a unicorn attracts. At Hedonism, it meant I had an automatic network of friends. Friends who were sexual, but respectful, flirty and fun. People made their intentions clear, but never pressured me to play. I felt safe at every turn, even when there was alcohol and sexed-up endorphins involved. (The environment lends itself to all manners of sexy — at all times.) Consent was a constant, and in my experience, swingers are mindful of boundaries (although maybe not to the same degree as the kink community, but I’ll save those observations for another day). Sitting from my perspective, it was an all-you-can-eat (no pun intended) buffet of straight-up sexual pleasure. What’s not to love?

As a unicorn, I’ve had no-strings-attached threesomes and given wives their first ever orgasm from a woman. If you’re a noncommittal woman like me who gets off on giving and receiving, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as giving pinch-hit pleasure. When a woman says, “Hey honey, did you see how she did XYZ,” you know your part in their bedroom is going to fan some super-hot after-the-fact sex. Whether I get off or not, playing that unique role is pretty hot.

For me, being a unicorn is all about flexing sexual freedom, and hopefully, tag-teaming some creative curiosity with a GGG (good giving game) couple along the way. Not only do such scenarios enhance my sex life, but I’d like to believe they can open up new sexual landscapes and multiply the pleasure for others. Swinging isn’t a make-or-break, all-the-time thing for me — just one piece of my complex puzzle of sexual interests. But if I’m going to partake, I sure do like playing from a sparkly, magical position. Rainbows optional.

Threesomes: The Role Of The Male Is An FMF Situation

For a lot of couples in the swinging lifestyle, having a threesome was their first step in what eventually evolved into a full swap with other couples. When you have your first threesome, it can be a very awkward experience as it is exciting. Whenever there is a stranger in the room, it creates a new dynamic that each person has to adjust to make the entire experience a good one for all involved. In this blog, we will discuss some rules and etiquette to having a threesome. This article will specifically talk about the scenario in which there are two females and one male involved (FFM). In any threesome situation, the women are the centre of attention, and it is the role of the men to make sure the women involved are comfortable and having fun. So let’s talk about what roles the men should play in a threesome situation that involves them and two other women.

1. Take a shower together

Sex is so much better when everyone is clean. Everything is done with more assertion when you know that parts you are about to explore are without any kind of stale odour. Taking a shower together is also a great icebreaker to help everyone relax, and it’s a great place to start the foreplay.

2. Make the women comfortable

Make the women extra comfortable by setting the right mood. Make sure the space is clean with proper mood lighting, maybe a glass of wine to help everyone relax, and some background music to get rid of any moment where there might be an awkward silence.

3. Know When To Initiate

The ideal scenario is to allow the women to lead the way. Having the girls initiate shows that they are comfortable and excited and it’s also a great sign that you are in for a fantastic time. This may not always happen because the females involved maybe more on the shy or submissive side. The male in the room should be on the lookout for any opportunity to get things going, perhaps by giving a massage or doing something sensual to one of the ladies. This is not the time to go for the home run. You are simply here to get the oven heated so things can start happening.

4. Give Equal Loving

Do not favour one woman more than the other. If your wife or partner is involved, you definitely do not want to make this mistake, or you could see this once fantastic adventure to a sad and premature ending. You also do not want to neglect the female playing the role of play date because she needs to feel special too for accommodating the fantasy of you and your partner. Make sure both women feel equal love and take a special interest in finding out and doing the things they like.

5. Don’t constantly try to please both women at the same time

While you don’t want to take them on individually — this isn’t two twosomes, after all — if you feel like you always have to be paying attention to both, then neither will be satisfied. Get one of the ladies working on you while you satisfy the other. Or you could take turns tag-teaming each other, giving everyone an equal opportunity to be the centre of attention.

6. Use Condoms Properly 

Regardless of you much blood has left your brain and gone into your penis don’t be too dumb to remember safe sex and the proper use of condoms. It’s not cool to pull your dick out of one female and into the other with the same condom on. New condom every time you move from one hole to the next.

7. Don’t force the women to do anything with each other

Males tend to have all these perverted fantasies in their head of what they want to see two women doing to each other. That is totally OK, and as long as the ladies are comfortable with doing those things, it only makes the experience that much better. However, allow the ladies to play within their own boundaries without being pushed into doing anything that they are not comfortable doing. There will be threesome situations where one of the females may not be bi-sexual or bi-friendly and is not yet ready to explore those boundaries. Forcing her will create a very awkward and unpleasant situation for all involved.

8. Don’t Leave The Girls Hanging

Just about the worse thing the male can do in that situation is ejaculate way too early, leaving the two ladies way behind. While this may be exciting and you are turned on beyond control, contain yourself and understand that this situation is not just about you. Find out what the ladies like and see them to the finish line. A real man is not afraid to ask and take directions. If you blow your load before the women are satisfied, this whole experience becomes an epic fail and might be your last.

9. Talk About It After

When it is all over, whether the experience was good or bad, it’s important to talk about after with all parties involved. Show the ladies you care by asking how the experience was for them. Ask specific questions like, “was their anything that made you uncomfortable?’” Making them feel comfortable in being honest, will only increase the trust they have in you, increasing the likelihood of a repeat to what just happened

On the rare occasions, you will find a female that is very dominant and assertive in a threesome situation. If you are really, really lucky, you will sometimes get two such females. There is nothing sexier than when the ladies are confident, know what they want and they are running the show and making the moves. However, in most situations, that include two female and one male, the responsibility is on the guy to ensure everyone has a great experience.


3 Things To Remember When First Time Swingers Feel Nervous

When you’re first time swingers, you are going to experience a lot of emotions, running the gamut from excited to scared to anxious.

We recently met a new swinger couple named Katie and Kevin (not their real names) who are relatively new to the swinger lifestyle. We haven’t gotten to have sex with them yet, but we’re making plans for our next meeting. I was talking with Katie, and she mentioned that she and her husband feel rather nervous since they don’t have as much experience as we do. They both tend to be rather shy.

Katie said, “It’s really different being monogamous for over four years and being comfortable with your partner, and then all of a sudden the expectations are increased! I’ve had more partners than Kevin, and I’m the commodity (according to Kevin, and I guess it’s true) so there’s even more pressure on him… and probably more pressure on the men in general. Everyone’s happy if us girls just get naked and spread our legs. Do you find yourself stressed about such things?”

I was thinking about Katie’s question, and here’s what I think.

1. As first time swingers, it’s totally natural to feel nervous. After all, you’re doing something new and different and a little bit “dangerous.” Some people might feel like they’re violating a taboo and doing something “naughty.” Other first time swingers might feel shy or nervous to actually go through with acting out the fantasy of group sex. There are also some very familiar feelings that you probably haven’t experienced since you were single and dating – that “first date” energy, wondering if you’re going to hit it off with the other person(s) in the room, wondering how you can present yourself to them to make yourself seem more attractive and desirable…swinger dating is interesting because it’s just like being single again, only you have to make twice as people happy. (No pressure!) And speaking of “no pressure…”

2. First time swingers should try not to put too much pressure on themselves. Go into the encounter with minimal expectations and an open mind. Don’t worry about whether or not you’re going to do a “full swap” or try a bunch of acrobatic group sex positions; just tell yourselves, “We’re going to experience a fun evening with sexy friends, and we’ll see where it leads.” Maybe your first time swinging experience will just be kissing and cuddling with another person’s spouse while your spouse watches; maybe you can do a “soft swap” where your wife gives a blow job to the other man (while you get a blow job from another woman) – and if so, make sure to leave plenty of time for cunnilingus, fellas. There are plenty of wonderful, pleasurable things you can do as first-time swingers that stop short of full-on couple-swapping sexual intercourse. Don’t be afraid to take it slow.

3. Remember that you might not know how you feel about group sex…until it happens. No matter how much research about swinging you do, and no matter how many swinger blogs you read, nothing can fully prepare you for the reality of your experience as first time swingers. Becoming swingers is a leap of faith for your relationship. Hopefully, before you experiment with group sex, you and your partner have a strong foundation for your relationship – you trust each other, you talk with each other, and you honor each other’s feelings. Be prepared for the possibility that one of you (or both of you) might not feel 100% happy with how everything goes at your first group sex experience. Sometimes people feel left out (if one spouse hits it off better with the other couple), sometimes people get jealous (even slightly), sometimes the experience of group sex brings up negative emotions like fear, or insecurity, or body image issues, or sadness. Fortunately, none of these negative emotions happened for us. Our first time swinger experience was FANTASTIC, and I even wrote a real swinger sex story about it for Literotica – you can read it here: “First Time Swingers.”

For the most part, almost everyone we’ve met in the swinger lifestyle have been wonderful, laid-back and emotionally generous people, with no pressure, no judgment and lots of sexy energy. I wish every first time swinger couple could have a relaxed, welcoming “initiation” to the swinger lifestyle. Try not to let your “first time” nerves hold you back from having a good time – and don’t get too drunk. You want to be clear-headed and at your best so you can fully enjoy the experience. Once the sex starts and the endorphins kick in, you’ll find that group sex can be a “natural high” all its own.

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A 7-Step Beginner’s Guide To Swinging (Because You’re Curious)

Having sex with other couples can be really hot IF you’re all on the same page.

The swinglifestyle is nothing new. The concept of swingers and swinging has been around for years. The only difference is that people have started talking about it more openly.

If you and your honey would like to get a little kinky and experiment with this sexual adventure, you’re probably looking for a way to start your journey. In this article, we’ll help you get started with your swinger couples adventure.

So how should you go about being a new swinger couple in the swinging lifestyle? Here are seven things that you must discuss and do before you start swinging. 

1. Figure out why you want to swing… 

The first step is to open up about your kinky thoughts with your partner. When a couple decides to get into this lifestyle, both partners should first openly communicate their feelings to each other to create a comfortable atmosphere.

There can be many reasons for taking up a swinging lifestyle. You both might want to experience the pleasure of a shared sexual relationship or simply want to spice up your intimate life with new adventures.

But if you’re looking for ways to mend the flaws in your relationship, you’ll be left disappointed. The swinging lifestyle is only for healthy couples looking for sheer pleasure.

2. … and how do you want to swing. 

There are plenty of options to explore swinging lifestyle. You can begin with locally organized swinger parties or jump to lavish swinger cruises. The choice is totally yours. It would depend on your budget, kink preferences, and the degree of excitement you’re looking for.

The chances are you may be looking forward to playing with a few of your fantasies that you may have never explored before.

3. Set some ground rules.


If you’re new to this lifestyle, it is important to set some rules for each other before indulging. For example, if you are both going to a swinging event and either one of you wants to leave early, it should be perfectly fine (or not) for the other person to stay behind.

Other rules may include factors related to being in the same room or being comfortable seeing your partner having intimacy with the same sex. Make sure you talk about all these things up front.

4. Work on building up your confidence. 

If you want to take part in this lavish lifestyle, you should start working on your persona. People only like to pick or approach others who exhibit a great personality and confident look.

Whether you’re looking for a swinging partner online or at a club, make sure you display the best of your persona to attract the most people. Lots of swinging couples use fake names as an identity, and it is perfectly acceptable in the swinging world.

5. Consider meeting couples online first. 


If you’re not sure about attending a live swinger party or joining a club initially, you can always find other not-so-open swinger couples online. It’s a great place to meet others swingers.

The Internet is full of online dating sites where you get to find a lot of people sharing the similar interest. All you need to is create a catchy profile, upload your photos and start your search through member profiles.

6. Plan to meet before hooking up.

After you’ve found the couples or individuals matching your criteria, you can talk to them on the phone or simply arrange a meeting. It is ideal to meet the potential swinger couples the first time first, so you can see whether they look or talk the same as they did online. If you don’t feel a connection, simply move on.

7. Eventually, check out a swinging club.


There are probably more swingers clubs in your vicinity than you would have imagined. A quick online search will help you know the exact location. A bit of online research will also help you know how to participate in such events. If you’re interested in being a part of such clubs or parties, always make sure you dress up nicely and look good. Also, try to show up on time so you don’t miss out on any fun.

Adopting a swinging lifestyle is not difficult if you and your partner are aware of what’s the course of the action. Whether it’s going to a swinger party, a swingers club or indulging in a swinger cruise, it can give you the most amazing moments of your life.

If you and your partner wish to be on the hit list of swinger couples, you will need to make sure that you understand your desires and let others do the same. Do not keep any expectations from this lifestyle, and keep yourself open and available at all times to make the most of your swinging lifestyle.

The swinger lifestyle should be fun and exciting. It should only be pursued by couples who are truly enjoying themselves.

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Watching My Husband Fucking The Hell Out Of A Blonde

Martin grabbed my legs and licked circles around my clit knowing I loved it and what it does to me every time. I turned and looked in the mirror there we were the three of us Mel riding my husband, me getting licked perfectly. It was just too much and I came, strong, leaning forward bracing myself on Martin’s hard stomach. My mouth found Mel’s who seeing me start to cum went off to her own pleasure dome.

I called Mel and arranged to catch up with her on the bus. I explained to her what I intended to do for Martin for his birthday. I showed her pictures of us together and one or two of my private collection of his joy maker.  She was very impressed more than happy to be a part of it.

“Gee Angie that’s a really big cock! If you are you sure that’s what you want, I would love to help.”

“Great how about we meet at the Bat & Ball hotel about 9pm he won’t suspect a thing.” I said setting the night in motion.

“So do I get to play with you too?” she asked.

“Maybe… but you are his present for the night. I want him to enjoy you and I am sure you’re going to enjoy him.” I said knowing how good Martin is in bed.

Saturday I had a beauty appointment. I made sure I was bare again. I then bought myself a suspender and matching bra set.

Martin had spent most of the day out with his mates and arrived home in a very happy mood. He walked the bedroom as I was getting dressed.

I had already put on my new lingerie and was admiring it in the mirror when Martin came up behind me and started kissing my neck. Before long his hand roamed over my body. He pushed me down on the bed and slid two fingers inside me.

Martin finger fucked me hard and fierce until I came all over his hand. I screamed hard into the mattress my face was pressed against.

“Oh fuck Martin, thank you, oh wow fuck! I didn’t expect that.”

“Wow Babe you look fucking hot, I thought you could use that sexy glow you get after you cum. Although I didn’t want to make you all sweaty.” He smiled.

I was clammy all over as cumming usually does to me. But it was fine. I slipped on my dress and we headed to the Thai Castle.

After dinner I suggested we move to the Bat & Ball to continue the night. Martin was in extremely good spirits and very frisky.

“Babe do I get my cock sucked there?” He asked.

“Maybe you just never know what happens in a big city.” I replied

As we walked in I couldn’t see Mel but each step made my cunt shudder. I was soaked once again and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. Would he run would he jump at it? Fuck I was so turned on.

My excitement faded as I could not see Mel anywhere in the bar. Martin ordered two drinks and we sat at a table near the fire. The chairs were big comfy soft leather that wrapped around you as you sank into them.

I looked at my phone – 9.25pm and no missed calls or messages. My excitement sank a little more.

Martin stood and walked to the bar to order another round. I picked up my phone to call Mel to first make sure she was ok, then to find out where the hell she was. My cunt had ripened all week for this night and I didn’t want to miss it.

I dialled her number, it went straight to voicemail and my frustration grew. I looked up at the bar and saw Martin at the bar talking to a small blonde lady, I knew in an instance it was Mel.

Mel had her hair high up in a bun. She was wearing a sleek long white dress that hugged her perfectly in all the right places. Her high heels shone even from where I was sitting. The frustration faded replaced with nerves and lust. I sat there as they talked. I just thought ‘my husband is going to fuck this stranger – well sort of stranger’.

I watch as Martin bought two bottles of Bollinger and brought them back to the table. Ice bucket and stand in the other hand, following him was Mel carrying three glasses.

“Hey Babe this is Mel she is here waiting on friends and is new to the city, so I invited her for a drink with us” he said sure of himself.

“No problems the more the merrier.” I replied.

I couldn’t believe how easily this was all going. The sexual high I was on was better than any type of rush I had ever been on ever before.

“Hi, I’m Mel nice to meet you. “ Mel said with a huge grin on her face

“It’s nice to meet you as well I’m Angie.” I replied containing laughter at our pleasant greetings.

Martin pulled over another chair and then poured us all drinks. Mel looked stunning and my lord she was so right about her front puppies they were incredibly perfect. I wanted to suck her semi-hard nipples so much my mouth started to water as much as my pussy already was.

The night rolled on and we were another two bottles down. Martin went to the gents and I finally got alone with Mel.

“Fuck I said I can’t believe how easy it is to hang with you. You are a special person Mel Sharman.”

“Angie I have had such a lovely night, so are we going to do it?” She asked.

“Oh yes we are, how about we spring it on him when he comes back and take it from there.”

“No problems I am so up for it. My Mel bits are so wet right now first I need to well, attend the Ladies.” Mel said

Martin walked back across the room to where we were sitting.

“So who’s up for another drink or something?” he asked.

“Something sounds good” Mel said “But I have to go first”. She stood up and walked off.

“She is a top sort babe what a great night.” He said his chest stuck out.

“Well babe it’s only going to get better. I need to go as well, will be back.” I said kissing his lips as I walked past.

I reached the restroom and walked inside. Mel was standing at the sink. She was so sure of herself of everything she was it turned me on just thinking about her.

“So we are on right?” I asked more than said.

“Oh yes girl we are definitely on.” she said as she walked towards me.

Without stopping she walked right up to me. Much smaller than me her high heels put her at face level to me. She reached up and put her hands on my shoulders then around my neck. She leaned in and before I knew it she was kissing me. Not a peck you give mum or dad but  a full pash, her tongue moved around in my mouth as her fingers slid through my hair. She moved closer her leg pushing on my crotch as she continued to kiss me. I was open, totally open and lost in whatever was about to or was happening.

As fast as it started it stopped her soft lips with just a little fuzz left me and I wanted to grab her and taste some more.

“Let’s do this.” she said.

I walked to the toilet and started to close the door.

“Leave it open, I want to watch.” Mel demanded

I sat my legs spread wide I tried to pee but I was so unsure I had to force myself.

“Relax Angie it’s all right, you will be fine.” said me her words reassuring me it was ok.

Taking in a deep breath I relaxed and started my flow. I quickly wiped as she watched every move.

“That’s a good girl Angie” she said with a smile that lit up the room.

I washed up and we walked out to Martin who was sitting on one of the chairs finishing off his drink.

“I thought you guys got lost in there.” He said

“No we were just…” the thought of Mel’s kiss run through me sending pleasure pulses to my core.

“Talking about your birthday present” Mel finished for me.

“My Present, I like the sound of that. What is it babe?” He asked.

“Well babe, it’s Mel.” I said at this moment fear had taken hold. My words became hard to say.

“Yes Martin, Angie has told me all about you and when she asked you what you wanted for your birthday you said a short blonde with big breast and loose morals. Well I do have some morals but tonight I must of left them at home.” She said taking control of the situation once again.

“That sounds great to me I am up for it. Are you sure babe?” He asked.

“Totally as long as I can watch”

“Well I would like you to join in.” Martin replied.

With that he stood up and grabbed both of us ladies under each arm and walked out. As we hit the curb a taxi pulled up letting out two others. I opened the door and let Mel jump in Martin jumped in the middle and I jumped in next to him.

As the cab pulled off Martin unzipped his jeans. I looked at him, sure we have had plenty of sex in public but never in a taxi.

He reached for my hand and put it on his cock, I rubbed it – it was already getting hard. He then reached for Mel’s hand and put it on his balls. He sat back as both of us ladies rubbed his cock and balls until it could no longer be contained in his man rod holders.

“Well who is going to be the first to suck it tonight?” he said aloud.

I was shocked not only did he want to play but totally revelled in it. Martin took both of us under his control in just a matter of minutes.

“That’s ok isn’t it? If these two beauties suck me as you drive”. Martin said confident as if he knew the answer.

“Sure man, as long as you don’t make a mess and I can look on a bit” the driver said in a cool Jamaican accent.

It didn’t take long before Mel leant over and started to suck on the head of Martin’s cock. She was lost in it as Martin moved her head up and down to the pace he wanted. Martin looked at me his eyes full of lust and a sureness that only he possesses.

“It’s your turn next” he said. Then he started to kiss me, his kiss was full of passion and joy and I ran my hands run through his hair as his tongue danced in my mouth and his cock in Mel’s mouth.

We pulled up at home before I even had the chance to suck his rock hard cock, Martin pulled out a $100 note and gave the to the driver. “Keep the change” he said.

“Well who wants some more of this?” Martin said as he slowly put his cock away. Mel grabbed my arm as we walked up the path and inside the house.

“You didn’t tell me he was going to be this much fun. Fuck me he is awesome and his cock is even bigger in real life.”

I smiled “He is awesome – wait to you get that cock inside you – fuck it just fills me up totally. I love it so much.”

“Well you are a very lucky lady indeed.” she said.

We followed Martin into the house giggling like school girls. I took off my dress and tossed it aside. Mel did the same she was wearing a white lacy set that again complimented every part of her.

“So babe why don’t you take your present to the spare room and I will meet you there?” I asked.

“Sure thing! Lets’ do it.” Martin said heading off to the bedroom kicking off his pants and boxers as he went.

I went directly to my room and picked up some of my toys and the new video camera I had got Martin for his birthday and to remember this night.

As I arrived in the other room Martin was laying on the bed and Mel was on one side of him sucking fiercely on his cock only getting the head in her tiny mouth. I put the toys down on the bedside table and set up the video on the chest of draws. I walked over and took the other side of the queen bed and lowered my mouth down and started to suck and lick Martin’s balls, just the way he likes it. I licked up his shaft meeting Mel on the way exchanging a small passionate kiss. And then I went back to my man pleasuring.

Martin’s cock was so fucking hard and the double mirrors gave me the perfect view of Mel’s moist pussy as she worked on Martin’s meat.

“I want to sit on your face baby.” I said as I crawled to Martin’s head. I lowered myself directly on top of his lips and he started to suck and lick my aching lips and hole. Mel moved as well and straddled his cock slowly lowering herself onto him. She stopped just at the tip guiding his mammoth cock head into her little pussy hole.

Slowly as she lowered her self-bit by bit her pussy stretched. Up and down she worked my husband’s tool into her going as far as she could but leaving quite a bit if his shaft bear.

“Oh fuck I don’t know how you do it! He is a big one!” Mel said her eyes as stretched as her cunt.

“You get used to it, and when you do there is nothing better.” I said finding a new confidence and pride that I take my man whole and give him what he needs.

Martin started to pump up as Mel slid down forcing himself into her spreading her more and more with every pump. He kept his attention on my clit as well. Keeping both of us girls happy in one motion. Fuck he was such a good lover.

Martin grabbed my legs and licked circles around my clit knowing I loved it and what it does to me every time. I turned and looked in the mirror there we were the three of us Mel riding my husband, me getting licked perfectly. It was just too much and I came, strong, leaning forward bracing myself on Martin’s hard stomach my mouth found Mel’s who seeing me start to cum went off in her own tangent.

“Aaaarrgggg yes fuccckkkk ooooooohhhhhhhh.” I screamed as my juices run down Martin’s face.

“Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk fukkkkkk its aaaagggrrrrhhhhhhh” Mel couldn’t put words together but her pleasure was evident in every pant.

Once the pleasure subsided we swapped positions. My cunt was ready and just slid down on Martin and within a few pumps I was up to the base.

“That’s it babe fuck me good.” he said smiling before Mel lowered herself on to his face.

Mel’s eyes lit up again as Martin found her spot. He was good at what he liked and he liked fucking very much. It wasn’t long before Mel was rolling into her second orgasm then third of the night.

Martin gave her no release as he sucked on her cilt and outer lips the pulling her legs wide apart sticking his long tongue inside her licking her inner walls and back out again.

I rode Martin harder than ever before cumming again and again. Reaching for Mel who was lost in the pleasure dome only Martin could provide. We kissed again the passion was there but this time it was filled with lust and desire as well. Sweat poured of both our body making them glisten as the lights shone on them.

I kissed and kissed her as both our pussies convulsed with earth shuddering orgasms. Martin pushed Mel off him and pulled me away as well.

“I want to fuck ladies. Mel lay on the bed, and babe kneel between her legs and continue her pussy licking.” He said sure of what he wanted.

I did as Martin wanted. Tonight was such a night of firsts, first girl on girl kiss. First threesome. First time watching my husband fuck someone else. Now the first time I am going to taste another woman.

I lowered my head. Martin took hold of my hips and pulled me back to the edge of the bed, positioning me just right for doggystyle fucking.

Mel made her way down the bed placing her pussy right where I could find it.

“Go on Babe eat her, do it for me. I want to see before I fuck you.” Martin said full of excitement.

I lowered my head closer, I could smell her sex, it drew me closer and the closer I got the more I wanted her.

I tentatively started to lick her pussy it was so wet. i was surprise but it doesn’t taste anything like I thought. I felt more at ease knowing that my husband of 25 years had already fucked this tiny little fuck hole I was now enjoying.

I licked her the way that I like being licked. My tongue lapping the edges of her pussy lips, over her sweet pleasure cherry. My elbows were holding me up as my tongue lapped at her ever-swelling lips. I reached in with my fingers and pulled her apart sticking my tongue as deep into her as possible and licking all of her lube juice clean.

“Oh fuck Angie yes. Deep lick me deep I going to cum” Mel wailed.

I kept the motion going until Mel’s pleasure swept through her and into my mouth. With the pleasure tide swinging Martin slid himself into me.

“Oh fuck I love the way you spread me baby.” I said looking at him in the mirror.

“Me too baby, be a good girl keep eating.”

“No problem baby, my pleasure.”

I lowered my head and started to lick but this time I concentrated directly on her clit. Mel grabbed my head and held me in place as Martin’s fucking was getting harder and moving me about.

I was in heaven my mouth and pussy going to work I loved it. Harder and harder faster and faster Martin fucked me.

“Yes yes yes!“ I screamed as the next orgasm rolled through me started in my well pounded pussy and exploding out my mouth into Mel’s cunt, sending Mel into another endless roll of orgasms.

Everything I did was just on automatic, I wasn’t thinking, wasn’t caring. I was just lost in lust.

Martin pulled out “Let’s swap around girls.” He said.

 Without hesitation Mel lifted her leg and rolled of the bed. I crawled up and rolled on my back taking her warmed up wet space.

Mel crawled in front of Martin. He wasted no time taking hold of his cock and sliding it into Mel’s mussy pussy.

“Oh fuck its big you are so fucking big fuck you’re going to split me.” Mel screamed as Martin slid his cock all the way inside her for the first time.

He didn’t stop. He continued to fuck as I patted Mel’s hair.

“Eat me Mel. You will be fine.” I told her in a concerned voice.

She licked me again and again but kept stopping as Martins cock probed inside her deeper than she had ever been fucked before.

Noticing how uncomfortable she was I told her to lie on her back. I lay next to her. Kissing her lips. Touching her face.

“Can you take more?” I asked.

“Yes well I am not sure but I want to try.” She replied.

“Come on babe Come fuck her.” I said.

Martin crawled up between her legs and slid himself into her again. Slowly he started to pump himself into her not trying to put his while cock inside just what she could take.

“That’s so good, slow is nice, I like being fucked with your husband’s big fat cock slowly.” She said.

I touched her face as I rubbed my husbands back,

“Is she nice baby? Do you like your present?” I asked as he continued to fuck this little blonde bomb sex shell. As I lay next to him.

“She sure is tight babe. So fucking tight.” he said as he continued to pump.

I reached over and grabbed my big black dildo and slid it in my drenched pussy. I fucked my self as I laid next to my husband fucking this little blonde big-titted sex bomb.

As Martin’s pace increased so did mine. I wanted to hold out and cum at the same time as he did. I fucked myself harder as her fucked her harder.

“I am going to cum.” I yelled.

“ Do it baby do it. I’ll cum with you”

Mel spread her legs as wide as possible. “Fuck me Martin fuck me good don’t hold back”. She said.

Martin unleashed a torrent of pleasure pounding that left Mel’s body lifeless under him he drilled into her as hard and fast as he fucks me. I loved it cumming so hard I squirted all over my hand and dildo.

Martin jumped up and pulled his cock out as he sprayed his hot cum all over both of us. Mel continued to buck the air and I rubbed her clit for her until the orgasm she was having passed.

We all lay they’re not talking just breathing deeply. Finally Martin sat up and walked to the video.

“Well if that was for my 45th birthday – I can’t wait to see what you get me for my 50th”

A Very Naughty Girl

My wife Liz and I have shared some fabulous sexy times. We hit it off straight away and I was delighted when she agreed with me that I would love her to be fucked by someone else. This discussion took place within a month of us meeting, even I was slightly surprised and pleased when she agreed. Maybe she thought it would be a bit of fun and we might drift apart, but that was not the case and we have been together for over thirty years now, so it did not endanger our relationship.

The story i want to relate was about ten or so years ago. She had been out with some friends into town for a night out and had somehow bumped into the same group of men in several of the pubs. At the end she got a taxi back and as soon as she walked in I saw the sexy smile on her face. She gave me a kiss and said she had been snogging another guy and his cock felt nice and big in his pants. I asked what why and where and she told me he was going to meet her at the races the next week.

It was the September meeting at York and I knew she was always up for fun on these occasions. As the week drew closer we talked about her being a naughty girl on the Tuesday. She was on edge and up for it as I whispered in her ear that she was going to be fucked by a big cock. Her reaction was of heavy breathing and squirting. I said it was a pity I could not see her fucking but knew that as he had not even had her tits out yet, this was not a possibility. On the day, I had work to do so did not see her in the new dress she had got for the occasion. All I knew was that she was expecting to go back to his house if it all worked out.

I was on tenterhooks all day, unable to concentrate on my work and left early. The races were run in great weather and I constantly wondered what she was doing. I heard nothing until after 6pm, the races were over and she was ringing from a pub near the course when she told me she and Maurice had been groping each other on the grass after one of the races, she had won a few quid and they were waiting for a taxi back to his place. I heard nothing more until half past eight when she rang to say she had just been well fucked and was expecting more shortly but he was making a cup of tea for them after all the champagne.

The call was short as she had heard him coming up to the bedroom where she lay naked waiting for him, but when she got home just after half past one in the morning, I was still awake and went downstairs naked to meet her at the door. She entered and kissed me, then dragged me into the lounge. I helped her out of her dress and saw she was naked beneath, her bra and thong in her handbag. My fingers found a very wet cunt, she sighed and kissed me, stroking my cock. I held back and asked her to give me the details. She said they had been doing some fondling during the races and he had removed her thong before the third race so she had been knickerless from just around three o’clock. She said that while they were waiting for the taxi they had sat outside on a bench and her cunt had been exposed to the many racegoers passing on their way home. The taxi driver had also got a good eyeful which with her being randy as well as relaxed after a great day she did not mind.

Then they had been playing in the back of the taxi, her cunt being fingered by Maurice and she had been fondling his cock. At his place they had gone into his kitchen where he had sat her on the worktop and removed her dress before opening a bottle of chamagne and removed her bra. She had then stayed naked until after they had fucked in his bed. She had taken his cock out and undressed him downstairs too before he had given her a naked game of pool and then showed her up the stairs to his bedroom. She had found his cock quite wide but enjoyed tasting his shaft and his pre cum which had lubricated his foreskin. I asked how big he was and she said probably about nine inches but maybe not quite and she was not looking for a tape measure. She said how nice his tongue was in her slit and how good it felt inside her and he made sure she came before he did. She remarked on how much come he gave her saying it seemed to be dribbling out for ages and that his sheets wore a large damp patch when they had finished their first fuck.

They had watched the sunset go down before fucking again, him taking her from behind as she looked out across the fields at the glow in the sky. She said his cock felt great and she felt very special at that time. They rested in bed and did not get up until she said she needed to get back home. They fucked a third time before the taxi arrived. The driver got a flash as she got in and out of the taxi but he said nothing except redirecting his mirror for the journey back. It was pretty dark so except when they went past streetlights, he would not have seen much. Strangely he drove on a very indirect route back to ours, mostly under the brightest streetlights in town

Our Fantasy Fulfilled

I’ve enjoyed watching my wife have sex with other men for years, and I’m incredibly lucky that she enjoys it too. We have weekends away when we go to nice hotels and organise men to come and see to her. The day usually starts with clothes shopping for her, then we go back to the hotel in the afternoon, she’ll change into the clothes we’ve bought, and then the men call to see her in our room.

The clothes she buys are very important to us, you see, our guilty pleasure is clothed sex. She loves it and I love watching her getting banged half dressed.

She likes to go for what they seem to call Euro Glam style of outfit. Smart, almost business like. She enjoys spontaneous, almost aggressive sex and we try to make plans for this to happen for her. Her outfits are often fitted silk shirts with which she’s almost always braless. She loves tight skirts made from thin fabric, and she sometimes wears them with tights and no knickers. Sometimes she’ll go for hold-up’s, but again, she’ll be leaving her knickers off. Since the introduction of Plenty of Fish, it’s become very easy to find suitable men to help us with our fantasies, and we now indulge ourselves around once a month or so.

In a recent session at a golf resort and spa in the south of England, she took two men. She went braless in a grey fitted silk shirt and wore a nice, well fitting black skirt. On this occasion, she wore sheer black tights without knickers and high heeled court shoes.

As planned, we had a few drinks in the bar with the chosen men, I left them to it and went up to our room and waited for them to come in.

I’d settled into the chair in the corner of the room, and it was about 15 minutes later that I heard the door open. The three of them came into the room. My wife’s shirt was already partly open and was untucked from her skirt. The door closed behind them, and within seconds she was against the wall snogging the face of one of the blokes. His hand was up her skirt between her legs, and she was doing her best to give him access. Next thing he moved her over to the desk and pushed her back against it. She hitched her own skirt up, almost around her waist, and spread her legs. He dropped to his knees and buried his face into the nylon of her tights between her legs. As he worked on her, continuing the action between her thighs, the second was kissing her passionately and fondling her tits, her nipples nicely visible as the pressed against the thin fabric.

Soon the first bloke stood up, undid his trousers and released his meat. Then he ripped my wife’s tights open at the crotch and went down on her again. Soon he stood up again, then, standing between her legs, pulling her to the edge of the desk, he aimed his dick at the right place and entered her. I could see her body shuddering and her amazing boobs moving under her shirt as he fucked her hard. In a very short time, it was apparent that he’d offloaded into her.

The second bloke moved her over to the bed, and she lay back in submission, spreading her legs for him. He too banged her fast and hard, and his spunk was soon up inside her with that of the first bloke. He withdrew, and she was left on her back looking dishevelled and well fucked on the bed. It was my turn.

I undid my trousers and pushed them down off my hips but without taking them off, crawled up the bed and got between her legs and pushed my rock hard meat into her soaking wet hole. I pumped her for a couple of minutes, bringing her off to her first orgasm of the session. Shortly after this, I pumped my load into her along with that from the other two.
When I’d finished, one of the others pulled her tights off completely and handed her a dildo and asked her to pleasure herself while we watched and waited to get hard again. She dildoed herself to several orgasms or was it one big long one, I couldn’t tell while we stood watching while we drank a couple of beers.

As it happens, it was the second bloke who was ready first. He climbed back onto her and fucked her again, this time in a more controlled, less frantic manner. We all had a second go before the other two went, leaving the wife and me to ourselves for a while longer.

We lay together on the bed while I waited to get hard again and I fucked her one more time before she went to get a shower, and we went back downstairs to the bar.