About Our First Time… Her Story

I received a text to ask to pick up the kids.  I was heading that way anyway so was happy to help. He texted back something funny which I found quite random and funny. This reserved dood was actually quite entertaining. A side I wanted to see a bit more of.

He text me again and I answered. This lasted during the night, not at all what i was expecting. I figured he was on the juice as it was golf night. The next day i received a morning text from him, I didnt reply straight away but he kept texting until I replied.  We texted all day and again through the night. I was actually in bed when I told him I was watching TV. I wasn’t but wanted to see if he would come around.

He came.

I was dressed in my favourite attire – my dressing gown and passion killer PJs.
It was actually quite late but he made the effort to come over so I offered him a beer. We chatted for ages and I cant recall ever watching the TV. I may have looked at the TV but I was nervous.
I moved closer to him. I’ve never made the first move EVER and I didnt know how this would be received. Hmmm he noticed but still nothing. I didnt know whether he felt the same thing. I knew he had slept with another person so I initially thought that i wasnt his type or was too ugly for him.

However I did know we were comfortable talking to each other. Time was getting on and he said he should get going. I actually was secretly gutted and thought it was now or never. He was by the door and I leaned in and kissed him.

Oh my fucking god, it wasnt returned. I had never felt such embarassment in my life.

He said “what are you doing”

I felt my face flush and sat on the couch. He came in and i asked him to leave. I asked him to leave a few times and he just stood there. My world got soooo small i wanted to crawl into a little hole and die.

He came over to me and tried to talk to me, thank fuck it was dark, my face was burning with embarrassment.

He came over to me and said are you sure you know what you are getting yourself into. I said I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t know what I was getting into. He stood me up, my face was looking at the ground. He lifted my chin and my eyes met his he leaned into me and kissed me. I returned the kiss, his lips were full and he kissed with passion. The feeling of rejection miles away but the thought of him just doing it to please me still lingered. We kissed for a while and his hands wandered through my body.
I knew my PJ’s were soaked from my juices flowing.

He knew what he was doing, his hands and lips touching and caressing every part of me. He fondled my nipples. I found it quite pleasurable considering i thought i had no sexual feeling in them anymore. He took me places i hadn’t felt in a while and he hadn’t even touched me there yet.

He pulled down my pants and felt the wetness, again I was embarrassed. My scent was strong. He spread my legs apart and through the matted bush he found my clit, his head went in exploring my sensitive bits. He was only there for a short period as I knew I was about to come and I needed him inside me….
I came…..

My body was sooooo sensitive that I couldn’t let him touch me. He probably thought I was weird. My body still convulsing, he is looking confused, he didn’t do anything wrong, he did everything right.

I calmed down and was able to clearly see his body, I wanted to touch all of him – I did…..

His body was beautiful, from his head down. He was circumsized as well. My hands ran down his body, he was hard. I fondled his nipples and he sighed,  yusss I knew he had a sensitive spot. My hands went further down his body.

We were on the couch and he put his cock inside me. He was strong and gave me his all. I loved every stroke he gave me. I moved my body with his, enveloping his cock. He had already made me cum and my juices were still flowing. He picked me up and turned me around and took me from behind.

My initial thought was “he doesn’t want to see me when he cums” I don’t think that was the case. He held my hips as he was pumping in and out. His hand reaching around and fondling me. I was blown away and thankful the kids didn’t come into the lounge. Was pretty freakn risky but it only felt like we were the only ones around and nothing else mattered.

He lifted me up, turned me around and kissed me, he then held me. I loved the fact that he spread his legs wide so i didn’t have to stand on tippy toes to cuddle him. I found him to be quite sensitive to the detail that I like. We dressed and he left.

I had no idea what just happened but it felt good. I wondered if he would talk to me the next day……

An All-Nude Vacation With My Boyfriend Taught Me A Crazy Amount About Having Great Sex

My new boyfriend—let’s call him John—and I were walking hand-in-hand from our hotel room at Hedonism II, the infamous clothing-optional, adults-only resort in Negril, Jamaica, to our first Tantric sex class. I whispered to him, “So, listen. It’s gonna be like a yoga class, but with no yoga and we might be doing sex sh*t in front of others. Cool?”

“Wait…what?” he said, horror crossing over his face, but clearly trying to remain cool, calm, and collected as we smiled at the other hotel guests passing by.

“Don’t worry. Everyone’s focused on their own partner. No one will be looking at you,” I tried to assure him.


It was a brave move to bring my boyfriend of just three and a half months on a trip to Hedo, as those in the know call it.

For one, I’m not that comfortable walking around naked. From the bed to the bathroom is fine. But it’s not like I make a habit of just hanging out and cooking breakfast without a stitch of clothing.

The thing is, we were booked on the Nude side of the resort, where you have to go naked, as opposed to the Prude side, which is clothing optional. Hedo is known for its swingers’ parties, so we basically thought it would be one big orgy (which frankly kind of frightened me).

Even though Hedonism II wasn’t exactly what we anticipated, we learned a lot. Here, a few of the biggest lessons we took home.

Courtesy of Carrie Borzillo

There’s no need to be naked and afraid.

As we stood nude on our suite deck about to step out into the world of Hedo for the first time, I turned to John and said, “Oh my God. My vagina is out. I can’t do this.” He handed me the bottle of champagne. I chugged. Then he took my hand and escorted me to the poolside bar on the Nude side. We giggled a bit with excitement, and the sense that we were in it together instantly made me feel closer to him.

The guests at the beach, pool, and bar areas represented every shape, size, and age. People with completely normal bodies seemed to feel more comfortable in their skin than I did, which made me loosen up a bit and not worry about that little scar on my left hip that I obsess over.

Before I knew it, I was running down the beach naked, letting a stranger draw on my bare breasts with body paint. Exhilarated, I actually mounted John on a beach chair in the daylight for a little afternoon delight as another guest snuck a stare. We seemed to be the only couple having sex in public, with the exception of a few blow jobs by the pool. One big poolside orgy it was not.

It turns out growling like a tiger can enhance your orgasm.

The main takeaway from our first Tantric couples’ workshop was that some sex moves can help me experience a better orgasm—and help my partner last longer—without changing positions or involving fancy toys. This we learned from Kim and Brad Walker of Houston-based Tantric Hearts, who have been teaching at Hedonism II for 17 years.

Much like with yoga, a huge part of Tantra is connecting your breath with your movement. When we were having sex after the class, I instructed John to do the “breath of fire” we learned in class, aka breathe quickly through his nose from his navel. Doing so immediately slowed his orgasmic roll, allowing him to flip me over on top of him.

As we were about to orgasm, I literally looked at my notes from class to remember the next breathing technique. “Growl. Tiger. Loud. Mouth,” my notes said. Bad note-taking aside, it was the push we needed to make an intense growling tiger sound out of our mouths as we started to orgasm. The point is to tap into the primal, animalistic nature of sex.

It felt silly, but the sound of the growl vibrated through my torso, giving me this delicious, humming buzz, as if the orgasmic energy were spreading through my body via the vibrations. It made my orgasm feel stronger, bigger, and longer.

Earlier in class, Brad said that if we did this correctly, “the neighbors should be jealous.” Maybe even “a little scared,” Kim added. Mission accomplished! As we exited our room an hour later, we got a little nod and a wink from a couple passing by.

Courtesy of Carrie Borzillo

Taking the time to explore helped us discover secret erogenous zones.

The “Drive Your Partner Wild With Desire” class focused on the Tantra principle of using all five senses (i.e., sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound) to awaken your sexuality and increase your pleasure. “These are the five keys to bigger and better orgasms,” Kim told the class.

Our instructors provided us with a silk tie that John would blindfold me with (for sight deprivation, which really does help to heighten your other four senses), a shot of rum along with a tray with cheese, fruit, and chocolate (for taste), and a peacock feather and another silk tie (for touch). We didn’t need anything tangible for the smell and sound portions.

As I lay blindfolded on my yoga mat with my trusty boyfriend kneeling over me (trying to ignore the fact that there were about 20 other couples in the room just inches from either side of me), a chill of anticipation rushed through my body, like the nerves you feel before you have sex with your partner for the first time.

First came the feather, which John traced slowly and gently alongside my half-naked body. It felt good, but it was nothing new. But then he slowly dripped juice from a piece of cantaloupe on to the middle part of my lips. The cold, gentle drops made not just my lips, but my whole body tingle. I couldn’t imagine that there was a part of my body I didn’t know could bring me pleasure, but here I was feeling a physical awakening from a few drops of cold liquid on my lips.

John traced the outline of my lips with a piece of the fruit, heightening the sensation and getting me extremely turned on. He leaned down and, with his mouth full of rum, dripped the liquid into my mouth from his like a mama bird feeding her baby.

It wasn’t cliché at all. In fact, it was pretty damn hot. Until the “sound” portion of the exercise.

For this part, John was supposed to breathe audibly on my neck or say sexy things in my ear. Still straddling me while I lay on my back, he started with heavy, loud breathing on my neck, which sent shivers down my spine. As he slowly moved his way up to whisper those sweet nothings, my darling boyfriend accidentally let out a loud, rum-filled burp right in my ear.

Unexpected lesson from this class: Kegel exercises really work, because even though I laughed so hard I thought I might pee, I was able to stop what could’ve been a tidal wave of urine from hitting the couple’s mat next to us. But in all seriousness, it’s nice to know something like a little burp during what should’ve been a sexy moment didn’t ruin our good time.

Courtesy of Carrie Borzillo

Even when you’re exploring, you’ve got to respect each other’s limits—and your own.

I’ve always prided myself on my hand-job skills, but Kim and Brad taught me a few new tricks. Sixteen of them, in fact. At the “Snake Charming” class, we learned penis-massage techniques I never even knew existed.

Like any good student, I was prepared for class with a towel and an intimate cleansing cloth. Little did we know that we’d need one more Snake Charming accoutrement: a rubber glove that left us mystified until we realized it was for a prostate massage where you insert a finger or two into your partner’s anus and gently circle it around to massage his prostate from the inside. The dread on John’s face spoke volumes, and we skipped that part of the instruction.

Our cue to leave was when the cacophony of orgasmic sounds filled the room. I tried to be mature, but it’s hard not to laugh when you hear a group of people loudly climaxing over the slapping sounds of skin on skin. Without saying a word to each other, we quickly ducked out of the class. We were adventuresome lovers now, but there’s a limit. We walked across the sprawling tropical environs…and I finished John off in in the privacy of our own room.

Courtesy of Hedonism II

How We Started Swinging

A common ‘get to know you question’ when you first meet a potential playmate is, “How did you guys get into the lifestyle?” So I figured I would share that story with you guys here so you can get a sense of who we are and how we got into this.
Let me start by saying that my first knowledge of swingers didn’t come until a couple of years before I started, and my introduction to it was of a negative connotation. I heard from a good friend of mine that a couple that we knew were swingers. “Be careful with them…they’re swingers,” he warned. “Um, what does that mean?” I asked meekly. “They have sex with, like, mad other people.” “Oh…” Not the greatest explanation, but that’s what I had to go on.

Fast forward a couple of years. Blake and I had discussed my interest in women and were actively seeking a threesome without any luck. Randomly, this couple invites Blake and me to a birthday party. This sets off no alarms because Blake has known these people since elementary school.
Once we get to the party, the male from the couple discreetly tells Blake that there are swingers among the group we’re partying with. *cue ominous string instrumental* Thus begins our first real introduction to swinging. (For those curious, we did not find a third that night, although I had a little, um, 30 minute…session…with a female partygoer in the bathroom. That’s a story for another time J)
We start off with a soft swap with that couple because, as I said, we were in it for the girls and had no real interest in swapping partners. It was a weird experience at first. I never thought I’d find myself openly attracted to and having sex with another woman. It’s something I’d always fantasised about, but never thought I’d be able, to be honest about. Only through communication with my partner was I able to let that part of myself free. And I DEFINITELY didn’t think I’d be having sex in front of other people. Having sex with Blake while they watched and being able to watch them unlocked a voyeuristic side I never knew I had. Over time, I grew quite comfortable with our arrangement as it was. We’d joined a couple of swinger sites and we were getting acclimated to life as soft swap swingers. Then came K, Jody and the infamous Halloween party.
It was our first on-premise event. We were unsure of what we’d see, but excited for the new experience. We go with that same couple that introduced us to the life. We all enjoy ourselves, get drunk, and decide to invite people over after the party. Jody and K decided to join us.
That night, we decided to give full swap ago. We were drunk, the vibe was right, and they were HOT! Lol. So, we have our first full swap experience (unbeknownst to Jody and K), and it goes smoothly. Blake and I discussed the experience when we got home afterwards, and we were both extremely comfortable with everything that happened. And the rest is history. We have been proud card-carrying members of the full swap swinging community ever since,
For us, our opinions and boundaries evolved as we had more experiences and met more people. Each new frontier was accompanied by a serious discussion between the two of us as to where our comfort level lies. I’m sure everyone says this, but allow me to reiterate: communication is PARAMOUNT when you’re a swinger. No matter how big or how small the feeling, you have to share it with your partner, so you don’t end up in an uncomfortable or potentially relationship-ending situation because you didn’t speak up.
So that’s how I got into this. How was your experience different or similar? When did you know that swinging was what you wanted to do? Were you immediately down to go all the way or did you ease into it? I love hearing stories, so share!
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My First Experience At A Swingers Club

Hello, my name is Samantha, but my friends call me Sami. I am a single woman, age 40, and out to explore my sexuality. I had met a man online that had told me about clubbing. I had heard it talked about before and never really gave it a second thought, until one day when he gave a very descriptive tale of his adventures. He had sparked my curiosity… not to mention the sparks that I was feeling elsewhere.

After talking with him in a very long chat session, I made the decision to try this club out. But there was only one problem… I was too shy to go to this club alone. I really wanted to go, so I talked to a friend about my desire to go. It turned out to be my lucky day; my friend said he would be honoured to join me at this club. So we circled a date on the calendar and followed the guidelines for entering such a club.

The day finally came! I was going to a Swinger’s Club! I had fantasised about this for so long, you know, what would I do… what wouldn’t I do…would I be all shy and wait to be approached or would I be bold and do the approaching myself? I decided this may be my one and only chance to fulfil a fantasy of mine and I was going to be bold and do the approaching if I weren’t approached in the first thirty minutes.

We arrived, and I looked over at my friend and said, “Well Steve, here we go. It’s all or nothing!”

We got to the door and had to present to the gentleman, the special invitation we had received by mail. He looked it over, smiled, and told us to enjoy our evening.

We enter the dimly lit club and see lots of people that look just like us. It wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. There was some nice music playing, nice decor all around, and a friendly atmosphere.

We decided to go to the bar and order ourselves a drink and to check out what was going on around the bar area. My friend orders a Long Island Ice Tea, and I order a screwdriver. The bartender quickly fills our order and tells us to enjoy our evening.

I take a seat as my friend wanders off to go and explore. I look around and see what looks like three people off in a corner; they appear to be having their own little orgy. I watch for a while, as the three of them get real hot and heavy into their sexual play. I find myself being quite turned on by the action that is taking place before me. I even catch myself gently biting on my lower lip as I watch them.

Then the man just entering the club with his partner suddenly catches my attention. They had no sooner walked into the club than she went down onto her knees, unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock and started giving him head right there. Nothing shy about her, that was for sure.

Before long there were quite a few men standing nearby the couple, almost like they were waiting for their turns to be sucked by this woman. I was actually quite turned on by all of this. I looked down at my watch and saw I had been there for close to an hour already, I knew that meant t I was going to be bold…I was going to be the one to make a move on a man.

I got down off my bar stool after finishing my drink and walked towards the centre of the club where the woman had just finished doing her partner. There were still plenty of men standing around as this ended. I spotted a man that looked to be in his early thirties, tall, blonde hair, nicely dressed, and he had quite the bulge in his pants.

“Well, Sam… it’s now or never!” I said to myself.

I walked up to the man and coyly smiled at him and said, “Looks like you enjoyed the show as much as I did. How would you like the same kind of attention?” #

He looked at me and smiled widely. The only sound being a “MMMMMmmmmm!!”

Without hesitation, I got down on my knees and undid his fly, reached in and grabbed his hard cock. It was much larger than it looked in those slacks he was wearing.

“Too late to turn back now Sami,” I thought to myself.

I leant in and began to kiss and lick the head of his cock, letting my tongue dart back and forth over the opening, flicking it faster, then slowing down.

His cock jumped in my hand, responding just the way I had hoped it would. I began licking circles all over the head and the rim… nice, slow, long licks. Then without notice, I swallowed the head into my hot, wet, hungry mouth. …The suction not real tight….but tight enough that I could feel the head getting thicker as I teased it. I could feel his cock in my hand getting harder and harder as I sucked and teased his cock. I took the head out of my mouth and began licking up and down the shaft, paying special attention to the underside and the bulging veins that had appeared.

I glanced around briefly, and we too had an audience. I even spotted a few men that had taken their cocks out and were stroking themselves. Seeing this only made me hotter …hornier.

I wanted to make every man in this place hot.

I went back to teasing the head with my tongue when all of a sudden I swallow as much of his cock as I could. I must have swallowed at least Six inches or more. My head began to bob up and down in unison with my hand that was still stroking what I couldn’t yet swallow. I began to moan softly sending that beautiful vibration all through his cock. I began to relax my throat as I wanted and needed to swallow more of this man. My head and hand still going up and down at a good pace, I slowly began to swallow more of him. Deeper into my throat he slid, it felt so incredible to have so much of this man’s cock deep inside my throat.

I looked up to him to see the expression on his face as I continued to swallow him clear down to his full balls. His eyes had rolled back into his head, with one hand on his hip and the other on the back of my head as he began to fuck my mouth. He was making nice, long strides deeper and deeper into my throat. I could feel him throbbing in my throat. He wasn’t going to be able to keep this up much longer without exploding.

So I decided to give him all I had. My head began to bob faster and faster as my throat tightened around his cock. My throat was hot, wet and willing to take him over the edge.

Next thing I knew I felt both of his hands on the back of my neck as he began to plunge as deep as he could possibly go… in and out… in and out. Then he pushed real hard and began to erupt deep into my mouth. His load was huge and came so hard it was more than I could swallow. I could feel his hot, sticky fluids seeping out the corners of my mouth as I swallowed over and over again.

Finally, I could take no more and pulled my mouth off of his erupting cock and let him finish cumming all over my lips and face. Load after load shot all over my face. His cum so hot, dripping off my chin down onto my cleavage.

Finally the last of his cum shot forward, and he took a step back, offering me his hand to help me to a standing position.

Once I was in a standing position, applause erupted from the crowd that had gathered to watch us. There must have been at least fifteen or twenty men standing there, and several women were there watching as well. I looked around to all of them and noticed there was more than the man I was sucking that had cum, there were several loads of cum on the floor and several very broad smiles in the crowd.

That was just the beginning of that evening! It turned out to be one of the hottest nights of my life, and I hope to share more of them with all of you.

How A Regular Monogamous Couple Ended Becoming Swingers

Many people wonder how a couple get from being in a normal monogamous relationship to becoming swingers. Which brave partner even dares to ask the question? I mean, think about it! It’s the kind of question that could cause serious problems. Not just in that moment, but throughout the entire relationship. However, it happens. I know it does because it happened to us and here we are. One day we were a healthy monogamous couple, the next day we were in a threesome and then frequenting swingers clubs

So how did this happen for us? Justin and I have been married for seven years, and we have had a pretty awesome relationship up ‘til now. We have fun together. We both enjoyed going out on weekends and hang out with friends. And those weekends were pretty awesome. The sex is often and great, and we are madly in love with each other. Most people would say that we are the perfect couple.

One night we were out dancing and drinking. I know it’s normal for people to still find others attractive even if you are married, so it has never bothered me when I see Justin looking at other women. I have also never said anything …until this time. Not sure why I did it, but it just happened. As this beautiful girl was passing by on the dance floor, I saw Justin staring at her ass and I just suddenly asked, “You want to fuck her don’t you?” “Really babe…?” Justin replied. “Why would you even ask me something like that.”? “Like what?” I said. “It’s a question. I saw you staring at her so you must be thinking something. What is it?” As I continued to press for an answer, I could see I was making him more and more uncomfortable. I am sure I am not the only wife in the world that is curious to know what their husband thinks when they look at other women.

The difference is, unlike most women, I was interested because I genuinely want my husband to know he does not have to hide anything from me, and not because I was looking to pick a fight or felt jealous in any way. But he did not know that, and I know he would never tell the truth because he is afraid it might lead to an argument. I took Justin’s hand, and I pulled him close to me and gave him a big kiss to remind him that I love him. Then I said, “honey, I love you, and I trust you and I want you to know you can tell me anything. If you have thought about fucking that girl or any other girl, it’s ok. As long as you love only me.” Then I asked again, “now, were you thinking about fucking that girl?” “Maybe…” he replied blushing. The way he looked at me after was remarkable. You could see in his eyes that that moment made his love for me so much deeper, even without him knowing what I was about to do next.

I noticed the girl Justin was staring at walking back from the bathroom. I decided to call her over for a drink. Miriam, she said her name was. I offered to buy Miriam a drink while telling her that my husband thinks she has a nice ass and that she should dance with him. Justin was too shocked to say a word. However, when she said yes, his feet definitely responded quickly to the dance floor. Miriam was a lot of fun, and we danced and chatted for a while. I then whispered to her that I wanted to surprise Justin and have the two of us seduce him. I could tell by the way she danced with him that she also found my 6 foot 3 inches tall, well-built husband, very attractive, so I knew that there was a likelihood she would say yes. And she did. We left the club together, and we took Miriam to our apartment. We had spoken a little bit before we started kissing each other and soon Justin was fucking Miriam while she was fingering and licking my pussy. This was my first time being with a girl, and it was exciting. We fucked from 3:00 am until about 6:00 am that morning. The experience was incredible.

After that night, Justin and I became very open with each other about our fantasies. We spoke about other girls we would fuck and he also asked me about men I found attractive. Within a month of our first experience being with someone else, we were at a swingers club that we found online. Weeks later we fucked or first couple and we have been in the swinging lifestyle since. That one moment of truth in the club allowed us to add something new to our relationship that we both enjoy. Also knowing that we no longer have to hide anything from each other has made our marriage that much more special.

Surprise Foursome With Our Best Friends

My wife Brandy and I have been friends with our Neighbours Mike and Liz for over 10 years. Since we moved into the community and met them, we instantly connected, and we have been glued ever since. They are a lot of fun. Most weekends the four of us go out together and party at local bars, or just to hang out and watch a movie or play.

The relationship was fun and healthy. Never once did we get the slightest hint that our best friends were a little wild and freaky. It seemed like we were always around them and we thought we knew everything there was to know about Mike and Liz.

We decided last summer that the four of us would go on a road trip for ten days. We lived in upstate New York and were to drive all the way to the West Coast, maybe end up as far west as Portland, hitting up some of the major cities and hotspots in between. So we rented an RV, packed some party favours and off we went. We made stops in Chicago, Vegas, Salt Lake City, Portland and a few more spots in between.

One night after partying at one of the bars we stopped, we all were a little drunk, so we decided to get a hotel room so we could have a good night’s rest and some breakfast that we did not have to make before hitting the road again. We checked in a nearby Marriott’s and got a big enough room to share.

We got undressed quickly, and we said good night to Mike and Liz, and we thought everyone would just be out until whenever we woke up. About thirty minutes after we lied down, Brandy and I both woke up to sounds of Liz moaning, moans that got louder and louder by the second. It was very distracting, and neither of us could sleep through it. Minutes later, it got even worse. Mike and Liz were now fucking like wild animals, it was as if the totally forgot we were in the room. After a few minutes, I decided, “that’s it”, I was gonna go over to their side of the room and tell my drunk and wild friends to keep it down so we and the poor neighbours can get some sleep.

I walked over to their bed, and before I could say anything, Mike yelled “Dave…. My buddy. Coming to watch?” I was a little taken back and surprised. I stuttered a little bit then replied “NO!” “We are trying to sleep and you two maniacs are keeping us and everybody else on this floor awake.” We were having this conversation while they were still fucking. Mike had Liz’s legs over his shoulder and was pounding her extremely hard while looking around at me with a big grin. It was Liz who next spoke and said “Come on Dave, don’t be such a party pooper. Just sit down and watch the show.” I couldn’t help but notice here two beautiful breasts, long nicely shaved legs and the look of ecstasy on her face. When Mike asked me to watch, I could have passed, but coming from her, made it a little bit harder to leave.

I must have been too long because Brandy suddenly walked over asking, “what the fuck is going on?” Liz then got up from under Mike, got up on her two knees, crawled over to the edge of the bed, held both our hands and said: “Mike and I are a little bit of an exhibitionist, and we would love for you guys to stay and watch.” Brandy was about to reply before Liz interrupted saying, “PLEASE”. I must admit, I could not say no. Brandy agreed, not sure why but who cares. She said ok. It was awkward but hot…. We never saw this coming, and after tonight I am certain that we will look at our best friends in a new light. But for right now, the focus is on the two of them fucking. Mike went down and started eating Liz’s pussy. She was moaning so hard with excitement, it was driving me crazy just sitting there doing nothing. I pushed Brandy down on the bed and removed her panty. She was just wearing underwear and a T-shirt. She did not resist, and I went straight to licking her pussy like I was starving.

Mike and I were licking away at the ladies. I did not think the night could get any more adventurous until I looked up and Liz was licking on Brandy’s nipples, and she was enjoying it. I crawled up to the top of the bed and placed my cock in my wife’s mouth, and she started sucking me off while Liz continued to lick her nipples. I almost came when I felt Liz’s hand grab my cock and started stroking it while Brandy continued to suck on the tip. I looked down, and Mike’s tongue was no longer inside Liz’s pussy but inside of Brandy, MY WIFE.

The two girls were now sucking my cock, and it would not be long before I would be ready to blow my load. “No… I cannot have this end hear” I pulled away from the ladies mouths, and while Mike continued to lick and finger my wife, I decided to go return the favour to his. I placed my anxious lips and tongue in Liz’s pussy and gently begun to kiss and lick around it before I was massaging her clit with my tongue. I slid my index finger inside her pussy, as she moaned and grind her hips against my lips. I could tell Mike was doing a good job on Brandy because was making similar noises.

Liz came on my face a couple times before she got up and bent over, commanding I fuck her real hard from behind. At the same time, Mike crawled up over Brandy, and I could see her eyes close while he slid his cock inside of her. I penetrated Liz with my throbbing hard cock, started off with a few minutes of warm-up strokes before I was ramming her as if I have been waiting all my life to do this. Mike was giving Brandy a similar poundage. We fucked for another hour or so. Both taking turns fucking our own wife and each other.

It was a wild experience. The wildest thing I have ever done and I am sure for Brandy it was the same. I had a feeling that this was definitely not the first time for Mike and Liz though. So that morning at Breakfast, I couldn’t help but ask if they had been swingers all this time. They replied saying that they are not really swingers. They are very free spirited and open-minded sexually, and yes they have had a few experiences with others. Mostly girls for threesomes and one other couple. They asked us if we were OK. Brandy and I had stayed up the rest of the night talking about it after we were done, and we both had to admit that it was fun. We were not exactly sure how it would affect our relationship with Mike and Liz, but this little foursome experience may not be our last.

Becoming a swinger: How We Got Started In Lifestyle

We didn’t start our marriage as swingers. We had been married for more than a decade before we first “Swapped” with a couple.

My husband and I used to play a game of naming movie stars we would like to sleep with. Eventually, that game transformed to discussing people we know who we’d like having sex with. Although we didn’t start giving each other permission to actually have sex with these people, the idea was planted.

The next couple of years were spent with things I’d call testers. At parties, we played the game, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” From there we started experiencing sex with someone watching. All these things may seem tame to most, but to us, it was the beginning of a lifestyle we didn’t know we wanted.

We became members of a webcam site called a-webcam. The site allowed us to be voyeurs, which in turn led to us having sex on the webcam. We spent time chatting with other couples and eventually decided to meet a group of people from the website. We took a trip to Tennessee to attend a party with this group, who were friends that regularly got together and played.

For this group, playtime consisted of girl-on-girl while the men watched. One couple secretly told us they were a full swap couple, but that type of play didn’t usually occur with this group.

Enter Soccer Mom; blonde, skinny, and tan; arriving with no preconceived notions. I seemed to transform the group, at least for one evening.

The parties theme was toga. So while my husband was off with a few of the boys buying more alcohol, I was standing in a thong having people dress me in a toga. This was the beginning of loosening up the rules for everyone. The evening moved along with some kissing and a little touching. Before I knew it I was getting quite a bit of attention. Picture this: me on the couch with a man kissing my lips, kissing each of my breasts, and a female between my legs. Each would alternate positions. The guys and girls would gesture for an ok from my husband before they joined the fun. A girl saw that my husband was standing alone, so she offered to take care of him.

Later that night we experienced our first swap with another couple. We went back to our hotel room with the other couple. Each of us started having sex with our own spouses. Not long after the guys looked at each other for a permissive nod, then we traded. This was a thrilling experience for both of us. From that night on we knew this was something we wanted to experience again and again.

11 Things I Learned On My Trip To A (Mostly) Naked Swingers’ Resort

A whole new world is an understatement.

I’m back from an incredible week in paradise at a retreat for swingerkinky, and polyamorous couples, and although I’m deep in the drop that happens following an intense, transformative experience, I thought I’d share some thoughts on what I learned this year.

Here are 11 things I learned during my sexy get-a-away at a (mostly naked) swingers resort:

1. Always reject the tyranny of the “or.”

I don’t have to be a top OR a bottom. I can be both.

My main resistance to topping up to now has been a fear that if I did it, that’s all I’d ever get to do going forward. After some great discussions with multiple swingers and my own exploration through the week, I realized I can explore both and don’t have to slot myself into a rigid role forever.

I got to love the floggings I received AND also love guiding a woman through her first anxious time with a woman wearing a strap-on AND introduce another woman to the wonders of my dear friend, the njoy Eleven.

2. “Switching” it up is HOT.

If both of you are Switches, you can switch mid-scene, which I did during an incredibly hot encounter with Will.

He beat my ass red with amazing recycled tire rubber petal flogger until my legs couldn’t hold me anymore. Then I topped him, using him as my toy to do with as I pleased, investigating every inch of his body with my hands, hair, skin, lips, and sending him into subspace while I investigated how different parts of his body reacted to different sensations that ran the range from delicate to edging on painful.

I had no idea how much zing I’d get from the ‘Yes, Ma’am’ he gave me as I walked out of the room to use the washroom, instructing him that I expected him to be on his back and ready for me when I returned, despite his shaky limbs.

3. It’s NOT lonely at the top.

I like Topping much more than I thought (which maybe shouldn’t be such a surprise to this control freak, but there it is).

Much of what I like about bottoming is that I don’t HAVE to be in control, it’s nice to give that up, but I realized that I can be a top and have the bottom drive much of the scene. Topping isn’t just taking on a bunch of extra responsibility (other than consideration and care, which I do anyway with all my partners).

I was also surprised when a sadistic side I didn’t know I had popped out, leading to me bite Wes hard in a tender area. When he yelped and asked why I’d done it, I snarled, “Because I can and you like it!” His groan was all the affirmation I needed of how right my instinct was.

4. Sex is all in my mind.

I can come copiously and repeatedly from visual stimulation, or tactile stimulation unrelated to my genitals. I didn’t always have to be primed with having had prior orgasms, though if I was …*extra sploosh*.

Eleven times I came at Desire without genital stimulation (you may notice a common theme in this list).

  • Kissing Ophilia
  • Fingering Ophilia
  • Doing people with my strap-on
  • Having someone else’s juices sucked off my dildo
  • Watching Flick suck Ophilia’s dildo in the hot tub
  • Watching GingerSnap peg Cooper
  • Watching GingerSnap do Ophilia
  • Watching Flick and Eliza having sex on the bed next to me
  • Having Flick come all over Eliza and me while Wes and Raina watched
  • Hearing Raina and Ophilia orgasm next to me on the bed
  • Having my ass beaten with a rubber flogger

5. There’s no need to visualize everyone naked because … wait … they totally are!

I am capable of walking around the resort naked, even though I had regular moments of panic thinking, “Should I be doing this?” — especially when I saw others wearing clothes.

Last year I could only be naked once I was in a location, but always put clothing on to walk around. Small victories.

6. Take every opportunity available to learn from professionals.

Being flogged on a St. Andrew’s Cross by a virtuoso top is an extraordinary experience.

I loved my public flogging and even though my eyes were closed, I got so much extra thrill knowing there was a person on the other side of the dual St. Andrew’s Cross having something similar done to them simultaneously — hearing their breath catch and the smack of the flogger hitting their skin in harmony with the impact on mine.

When I had the inevitable endorphin-release laughing/crying jag, I wasn’t even that embarrassed to be doing so publicly.

7. I’m not an extrovert, but I can play one on TV.

After I do something super extroverted and performative, such as leading the Speed Meet and Greet or helping Belle with the squirt demo, I need to lie in a dark room for about an hour to weep and recover.

But holy hell, the wave I made at the demo would take it out of anyone …


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A Pool Party Leads To A Couple’s First Full Swap Experience

Hi, my name is Kelly, and I want to tell you about our first full swap experience.   We had been dabbling in the swinging lifestyle for about a year, with only girl-girl or soft swap experiences.   It seemed like we just hadn’t met a couple with whom we were prepared to take that big step.   Just few weeks earlier, we joined a new swinger dating website and met many local couples.   We were amazed at how many hot couples we met, and we were anxious to turn those meetings into full swap experiences.

It was 5:00pm on Saturday, and I had just finished giving directions to the final couple invited over to our last minute pool party.   I was standing in the kitchen, wearing a wicked weasel thong bikini that barely covered my 5’7”, 120-pound body.   My 34DD’s strained the fabric of bikini top, threatening to pop out as I leaned over the sink to gaze out the kitchen window at Gibson.   My sexy husband was putting the final touches on the pool and yard for tonight’s event.   He looked so sexy in his board shirts and tank top.   Gibson stands 5’9” and weighs 160.   He stays in shape, and most people think he looks much younger than 35, especially since I am only 28.   Gibson couldn’t see me watching through the window, but I think he knew I was because he looked toward the house as we pulled off his shorts and shirt for a refreshing naked swim before coming in side.   Even though we have been together for over 2 years, I still gasp in excitement when I catch a glimpse of his Prince Albert piercing and sexy pierced nipples.

After Gibson jumped in and swam a couple laps, he stepped out of the pool with that confident swagger that I love about him.   Toweling himself off as he walked in through the patio doors, Gibson flashed a sly smile when he looked over at me in the kitchen to find me rubbing my clit through my bikini bottoms.

“Kelly, were you watching me through the window?   You know how turned on I get when I know that I made you wet thinking about me.”

I was biting my lower lip and looking at him with seductive eyes as he stepped toward me.   Gibson’s cock immediately began to grow as I walked toward him meeting him half way.   I leaned up against him, pushing my huge tits into his chest, gave him a deep, wet kiss as I stroked his cock a couple times.   I pulled away slightly, and looked my husband in the eyes with my best teasing smile.   “Honey, get dressed for an early dinner, so we have plenty of time to put snacks out before our guests arrive at 8:00pm.”   Gibson reluctantly put his shorts back on, but he understood.   We both wanted to be fresh and ready for what we hoped would be our first full swap tonight.

Over dinner, Gibson and I reviewed the guest list.   Three couples were coming over to join us.   Carlos and Danielle were the first couple we had invited.   We had two soft swap experiences with them, and thought they were good candidates for our first swap.    John and Jessica were second on the list.   We also had a soft swap experience with them, but Gibson was undecided on a full swap with them.   John and Jessica both smoked at lot when they drank, and Gibson commented that even the hottest woman could turn him off with smoker’s breath.   The final invitees were a sexy, black couple we had met the week before at “meet & greet” sponsored by the swinger website.   Tyrone was an ex-marine, and he was built solid, standing at about 6’2” with a muscular v-shaped build.   His wife, Sara, was a 5’5” fitness model with an amazing ass!

“I don’t know about you Kelly, but I have my eye on Sara!   When you two kissed at the event last weekend, it was electric.   That kiss was so sensual… it seemed like you two had known each other for a long time.”

“Really, Gibby?   That’s great because I was hoping to make out with her more!   Not to mention, I think it would be hot to have our first full swap experience to also be our first interracial experience together!”

All three couples arrived before 8:30pm, and we were all enjoying drinks around the makeshift bar we setup in the kitchen.   Everyone seemed to be getting along well, and the small talk was gradually getting sexier and flirtatious.   After about an hour, I decided it was time to get everyone into the pool.   I casually excused myself to go up stairs.   I kicked off my skirt, tank top, bra, and sandals… I wasn’t wearing panties.   I pinned up my long, wavy blonde hair, strapped on my 6” platform stilettos, and checked myself in the mirror.   I knew I looked hot, and I couldn’t wait any longer to kick the party into full gear.

As I slowly came down the stairs wearing only the stripper heals, everyone’s head turned to me and a hush fell over the group.   Tyrone was the first to break the silence, telling me I looked absolutely delicious.   I reached the bottom of the stairs and kept walking toward the patio doors. “Tyrone, if you want to find out how delicious I taste, you’ll have to come and get me.”   I flashed my best seductive smile to the group and walked out to the pool.

The others didn’t need more encouragement to follow me outside.   As I stepped out of my shoes and into the pool, I turned to see Gibson and all three couples quickly removing their clothes and tossing them on the patio table.   Within minutes, all eight of us were naked in the pool, with only the pool light and Tiki torches around the pool lighting up the scene.

Carlos and Danielle quickly paired off with John and Jessica.   They had known each other longer than us, and there was an obvious sexual connection I sensed between them earlier.   That didn’t matter to me, because Gibson and I had our sights set on Tyrone and Sara.   Tyrone swam over to me, and pulled me close.   I wrapped my arms and legs around him, and we kissed passionately for several minutes with Tyrone caressing my tits and ass.

I pulled away from his lips to sneak a peek at Gibson and Sara.   Gibson was sitting on the first step of the pool, leaning back on the pool edge.   Sara was laying across the bottom two steps between his legs.   Sara was playing with Gibson’s balls and licking his shaft.   She seemed to be playing with Gibson’s Prince Albert jewelry with her tongue.    Tyrone sensed that I was enjoying the show that Sara was putting on, so he floated me to the side of the pool and effortlessly sat me on the edge.   He lowered his mouth to my hairless pussy to get that taste he followed me to the pool to get.   I wrapped my legs around his head and pulled his face in tight.    I could tell I tasted as good to him as he had thought I would.   It was incredibly hot to have this sexy, black man licking my pussy while I watched his hot wife go down on Gibson.    She seemed to have no problem deep throating his pierced cock.

After several minutes, Gibson and Sara switched positions so he could return the oral favor, but Sara had to strain to keep her pussy out of the water from her position on the first step.   Gibson pulled her close and walked her through the water slowly toward the pool grotto while engaged in a passionate kiss.    The last few feet to the grotto required them to break their kiss to swim under the waterfall into the grotto.   On the other side, I could see them, slightly obscured by the veil of water falling in front of them.   Gibson lifted Sara up on the shelf edge in the grotto used to hold drinks and returned to licking her pussy.   It looked like he was fingering her and sucking on her clit at the same time.   Judging by the way Sara kept throwing her head back while she pushed his head into her mound, Gibson was doing a great job of pleasuring her.

While I was enjoying the show, it was time to give my attention to Tyrone.   I told him to sit up on the edge the pool, and I eased myself back into the water between his legs.   I quickly took a peek at the other two couples on the opposite side of the pool.   They had moved beyond the oral fun, and both men were fucking the other’s wife as they lounged next to each other on the bench built into the deep end of the pool.   I turned back to see if Tyrone was ready… wow!   His cock was huge!   I had seen it as he got into the pool earlier, and I had felt it against me in the pool, but that did not compare to how it looked directly in front of my face.   I wasted no time getting my mouth around the engorged head of this beautiful, black cock!   Leaning against Tyrone’s thighs and the side of the pool, I worked his cock and balls with my hands, stroking his shaft with the lubrication from my saliva.   I was making loud slurping noises and straining to take as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, but I was careful not to go too far…   I wanted him to last long enough to bury his cock into my pussy.

I shifted to my right while sucking off Tyrone so I could get a glimpse of Gibson and Sara off to the side in the grotto.   Gibson lifted Sara off the shelf and kissed her passionately.   She seemed to enjoy the taste of her own pussy on his lips.   Gibson was sitting on the bench in the grotto with the water up to his chest.   I watched through the waterfall, as Sara slowly lowered her pussy onto Gibson’s cock.   They were in a sitting position with Sara riding him and wrapping her legs around his back.   We seldom used this position together, as it isn’t that pleasurable for me.   However, Gibson had told me that women he had been with before we were together had commented on how his piercing gives them a lot of pleasure in that position.   The way Sara was bouncing up and down on him in the water, splashing water all over the grotto… Gibson had been telling the truth.   His piercing seems to have been hitting her G-spot just right, and she was now screaming and moaning in pleasure.   I continued to suck on Tyrone’s cock as we both watched Gibson and Sara in action.   Sara was moaning even louder now, and just as she announced that she was cumming, I could see that familiar look on Gibson’s face as he came at the same time deep inside her.    They kissed passionately as they calmed down from the climax, and it was then that I noticed the other two couples had been watching them as well.   We all broke out in a round of applause for them, which managed to make them blush.

I slid back into the water and tugged at Tyrone to follow me.   Tyrone and I swam together toward the grotto, sharing wide smiles with Gibson and Sara as we passed on their way out of the grotto.    They swam to the shallow end to get drinks.    Gibson and Sara, with drinks in hand, made themselves comfortable in the warm water on the pool steps.   Sara was idly fondling Gibson’s cock back to life, and they were both watching Tyrone and I in the grotto.   I was so ready to be fucked by Tyrone’s big cock, and I know that Gibson was ready to see another man fuck me for the first time.

Once in the grotto, I quickly got into a doggie style position leaning over the drink shelf.   Tyrone was able to get on one knee and position his cock next to my dripping pussy.   I looked back at him over my shoulder at Tyron.   “I want your cock in me now! Fuck me!”   Tyrone needed no further encouragement.    He pushed into me slowly.   I could feel my pussy stretching to take in his bulbous cock head.   My pussy let out a slight pop as his head pushed inside me.   Tyrone held his cock head still, teasing me.   Slowly he began to push in and then out, taking his cock almost completely out of my pussy each time.   He continued this slow penetration for a couple minutes, and it was driving me crazy.   I started bucking back against him to better control the pace, but Tyrone wasn’t going to relinquish control to me.

He reached up and grabbed a handful of my pinned up hair, pulling his cock nearly out of my pussy.   Then with one massive thrust, he plunged all the way into me!   I gasped in the combined pain and pleasure!   My moans grew louder as Tyrone picked up the pace.   He was pounding into me with each thrust, slamming his huge, black balls against my clit just about the water line.   “Harder! Harder! Fuck me!” I screamed.   There was no more pain, just pure pleasure.   I was in ecstasy!    Tyrone kept up the pace and announced that he was going to cum.   I squeeze his cock with my pussy muscles as he slammed into me one last time.   I could feel his hot blast of cum filling my pussy as I came at the same time.   There was so much, it was oozing out of me and dripping into the pool.

Tyrone slowly withdrew his cock from my pussy as he softened.   I looked down under me to see more cum oozing out of me, and down my thighs into the pool.   I turned toward him and kissed him passionately to thanking for the incredible fucking he just gave me.   Then I led him out of the grotto toward Gibson and Sara.   The other couples were swimming toward them as well.   Before I could reach Gibson, Danielle swam up and put her mouth on his cock.   She wasted no time getting familiar with his piercing, and Carlos wasted no time fondling Sara and kissing her passionately.   It looked like I was going to have to share Gibson some more that night, but I didn’t