5 Great Relationship Benefits Couples Gain From Swinging

While the swinging lifestyle may not work for every relationship, those who are fortunate enough to have tried swinging and it has worked for them, get to enjoy some amazing relationship benefits that come from being a part of the swinging lifestyle. Contrary to what the non-lifestyle community may believe, many swinger couples seems to enjoy healthier stronger relationships that their vanilla peers. Aside from having sex with multiple people, there are some other great benefits of being in a swinging relationship. Here are five of those benefits.

1. Constant And Open Communication

A couple that survives being in the swinging lifestyle is a couple that has learnt to successfully maintain constant and open communication with each other. This is especially so in the early stages of open relationship exploration. Every day new situations will occur that continually challenges your relationship, and the only way you will survive them is by talking them through with your partner. Communication provides security and assurance, and once you have mastered the art, it becomes a very useful tool that helps other areas of your relationship.

2. Higher Level Of Intimacy

After the first three years of a relationship, the level of intimacy between partners is said to reduced by over fifty percent. That statistic does not apply to couples in the swinging community. The reason this happens to regular vanilla couples is that their natural sexual desires are suppressed for so long, those desires eventually die to the point where getting stimulated becomes a chore. Sex is always at the forefront of a swinging relationship. Swingers get to share and live out their fantasy with their partners, keeping them constantly stimulated sexually, which helps to promote a higher level of intimacy with each other.

3. A Great Social Life

Our friend’s from Playboy Radio Mike and Holli said it best, “You come for the sex; you stay for the relationships.” It is called the “Lifestyle Community” for a reason. Many swinger couples have made their best life long friends since becoming a part of the lifestyle community. You will find that once you become a swinger, and you have gotten to meet a good group of people in the lifestyle, it is much harder to continue hanging out with your vanilla friends. It’s so much more fun and easier to spend time with your swinger friends, because you can be more open and honest about who you truly are with your swinger friends, without worrying about being judged.

4. Increased Self Confidence

We tend to be too hard on ourselves especially when it comes to how we appear physically, and sometimes just hearing that you look great from your spouse alone isn’t enough. One of the most amazing things about being in the swinging community is that you get to hear from others how beautiful and sexy you are, which inevitably helps to boost your self-confidence. Everyone loves to feel desired, and that is something you will get a lot of being a swinger. This fact is especially noticeable amongst the females in the swinging community. After they get past the newbie phase and they have rekindled their sexuality, you get to witness a whole new person being born. It’s amazing how much more attractive a little bit of self-confidence can make you look.

5. Restored Youthfulness

When you stop having fun in life, the only thing left to do is get old. Having fun is the ultimate fountain of youth, and swingers get to have a good time. So many people live their lives talking about how much fun they had in their twenties, or in college when they had the freedom to explore the world as the pleased. Swinger couples do not need always to live in the past because they get to recreate those fun moments every weekend if they so desire. This type of spontaneity and adventure that swingers get to enjoy keeps them looking and feeling younger for longer, something every adult in this world covets.

Become a swinger does not provide all the answers to a couple’s problems. As a matter of fact, if a couple is having problems with their relationship, swinging is definitely not the answer. However, for those who are open and brave enough to enter and survive the swinging lifestyle, they get to enjoy some great relationship benefits that many vanilla couples can only dream about.

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