A Very Naughty Girl

My wife Liz and I have shared some fabulous sexy times. We hit it off straight away and I was delighted when she agreed with me that I would love her to be fucked by someone else. This discussion took place within a month of us meeting, even I was slightly surprised and pleased when she agreed. Maybe she thought it would be a bit of fun and we might drift apart, but that was not the case and we have been together for over thirty years now, so it did not endanger our relationship.

The story i want to relate was about ten or so years ago. She had been out with some friends into town for a night out and had somehow bumped into the same group of men in several of the pubs. At the end she got a taxi back and as soon as she walked in I saw the sexy smile on her face. She gave me a kiss and said she had been snogging another guy and his cock felt nice and big in his pants. I asked what why and where and she told me he was going to meet her at the races the next week.

It was the September meeting at York and I knew she was always up for fun on these occasions. As the week drew closer we talked about her being a naughty girl on the Tuesday. She was on edge and up for it as I whispered in her ear that she was going to be fucked by a big cock. Her reaction was of heavy breathing and squirting. I said it was a pity I could not see her fucking but knew that as he had not even had her tits out yet, this was not a possibility. On the day, I had work to do so did not see her in the new dress she had got for the occasion. All I knew was that she was expecting to go back to his house if it all worked out.

I was on tenterhooks all day, unable to concentrate on my work and left early. The races were run in great weather and I constantly wondered what she was doing. I heard nothing until after 6pm, the races were over and she was ringing from a pub near the course when she told me she and Maurice had been groping each other on the grass after one of the races, she had won a few quid and they were waiting for a taxi back to his place. I heard nothing more until half past eight when she rang to say she had just been well fucked and was expecting more shortly but he was making a cup of tea for them after all the champagne.

The call was short as she had heard him coming up to the bedroom where she lay naked waiting for him, but when she got home just after half past one in the morning, I was still awake and went downstairs naked to meet her at the door. She entered and kissed me, then dragged me into the lounge. I helped her out of her dress and saw she was naked beneath, her bra and thong in her handbag. My fingers found a very wet cunt, she sighed and kissed me, stroking my cock. I held back and asked her to give me the details. She said they had been doing some fondling during the races and he had removed her thong before the third race so she had been knickerless from just around three o’clock. She said that while they were waiting for the taxi they had sat outside on a bench and her cunt had been exposed to the many racegoers passing on their way home. The taxi driver had also got a good eyeful which with her being randy as well as relaxed after a great day she did not mind.

Then they had been playing in the back of the taxi, her cunt being fingered by Maurice and she had been fondling his cock. At his place they had gone into his kitchen where he had sat her on the worktop and removed her dress before opening a bottle of chamagne and removed her bra. She had then stayed naked until after they had fucked in his bed. She had taken his cock out and undressed him downstairs too before he had given her a naked game of pool and then showed her up the stairs to his bedroom. She had found his cock quite wide but enjoyed tasting his shaft and his pre cum which had lubricated his foreskin. I asked how big he was and she said probably about nine inches but maybe not quite and she was not looking for a tape measure. She said how nice his tongue was in her slit and how good it felt inside her and he made sure she came before he did. She remarked on how much come he gave her saying it seemed to be dribbling out for ages and that his sheets wore a large damp patch when they had finished their first fuck.

They had watched the sunset go down before fucking again, him taking her from behind as she looked out across the fields at the glow in the sky. She said his cock felt great and she felt very special at that time. They rested in bed and did not get up until she said she needed to get back home. They fucked a third time before the taxi arrived. The driver got a flash as she got in and out of the taxi but he said nothing except redirecting his mirror for the journey back. It was pretty dark so except when they went past streetlights, he would not have seen much. Strangely he drove on a very indirect route back to ours, mostly under the brightest streetlights in town

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