Our Fantasy Fulfilled

I’ve enjoyed watching my wife have sex with other men for years, and I’m incredibly lucky that she enjoys it too. We have weekends away when we go to nice hotels and organise men to come and see to her. The day usually starts with clothes shopping for her, then we go back to the hotel in the afternoon, she’ll change into the clothes we’ve bought, and then the men call to see her in our room.

The clothes she buys are very important to us, you see, our guilty pleasure is clothed sex. She loves it and I love watching her getting banged half dressed.

She likes to go for what they seem to call Euro Glam style of outfit. Smart, almost business like. She enjoys spontaneous, almost aggressive sex and we try to make plans for this to happen for her. Her outfits are often fitted silk shirts with which she’s almost always braless. She loves tight skirts made from thin fabric, and she sometimes wears them with tights and no knickers. Sometimes she’ll go for hold-up’s, but again, she’ll be leaving her knickers off. Since the introduction of Plenty of Fish, it’s become very easy to find suitable men to help us with our fantasies, and we now indulge ourselves around once a month or so.

In a recent session at a golf resort and spa in the south of England, she took two men. She went braless in a grey fitted silk shirt and wore a nice, well fitting black skirt. On this occasion, she wore sheer black tights without knickers and high heeled court shoes.

As planned, we had a few drinks in the bar with the chosen men, I left them to it and went up to our room and waited for them to come in.

I’d settled into the chair in the corner of the room, and it was about 15 minutes later that I heard the door open. The three of them came into the room. My wife’s shirt was already partly open and was untucked from her skirt. The door closed behind them, and within seconds she was against the wall snogging the face of one of the blokes. His hand was up her skirt between her legs, and she was doing her best to give him access. Next thing he moved her over to the desk and pushed her back against it. She hitched her own skirt up, almost around her waist, and spread her legs. He dropped to his knees and buried his face into the nylon of her tights between her legs. As he worked on her, continuing the action between her thighs, the second was kissing her passionately and fondling her tits, her nipples nicely visible as the pressed against the thin fabric.

Soon the first bloke stood up, undid his trousers and released his meat. Then he ripped my wife’s tights open at the crotch and went down on her again. Soon he stood up again, then, standing between her legs, pulling her to the edge of the desk, he aimed his dick at the right place and entered her. I could see her body shuddering and her amazing boobs moving under her shirt as he fucked her hard. In a very short time, it was apparent that he’d offloaded into her.

The second bloke moved her over to the bed, and she lay back in submission, spreading her legs for him. He too banged her fast and hard, and his spunk was soon up inside her with that of the first bloke. He withdrew, and she was left on her back looking dishevelled and well fucked on the bed. It was my turn.

I undid my trousers and pushed them down off my hips but without taking them off, crawled up the bed and got between her legs and pushed my rock hard meat into her soaking wet hole. I pumped her for a couple of minutes, bringing her off to her first orgasm of the session. Shortly after this, I pumped my load into her along with that from the other two.
When I’d finished, one of the others pulled her tights off completely and handed her a dildo and asked her to pleasure herself while we watched and waited to get hard again. She dildoed herself to several orgasms or was it one big long one, I couldn’t tell while we stood watching while we drank a couple of beers.

As it happens, it was the second bloke who was ready first. He climbed back onto her and fucked her again, this time in a more controlled, less frantic manner. We all had a second go before the other two went, leaving the wife and me to ourselves for a while longer.

We lay together on the bed while I waited to get hard again and I fucked her one more time before she went to get a shower, and we went back downstairs to the bar.

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