5 Reasons you Should Join a Swingers Website

With the internet on the cusp of most people’s fingertips, It has become much easier to meet and converse with people around the world. For those new to the swingers lifestyle, it can still seem like a world that you would never know or understand how to become a part of. Lucky for you there are communities and social networks online that will allow you to do just that. Swingers Sites have been around for a long time (decades now) and have evolved rapidly to demand and nuances in social features. Here are 5 reasons why Swingers sites are important places for you to start your journey into the swingers lifestyle.

1. Knowledge

The swingers lifestyle can be, for a new couple, anything from extra spice in the bedroom a few times a year, to a new environment that makes them feel like they belong. There is an established culture of the lifestyle filled with ground rules, play styles, and lingo. For you to get accustomed to it all, the best thing to do is to join a swingers site and read up on the basics of the environment. This is probably one of the most important things to do as a new swinger. When you enter into this world, you don’t want to do anything to offend others, and you also want to be sure you are protecting yourself and your partner. Also, the terms and lingo that swingers use could have you stumped in the midst of conversation. So take the time out and get yourself educated!

2. Comfort

When Newbies get involved with the lifestyle, it is usually very unfamiliar. It isn’t always easy to wrap your mind around how open and direct swingers can be about intimacy with their spouses, as well with other couples they play with. You’re going to need to get used to this. Joining a swingers site will help this in multiple ways. Swingers like to post pictures and videos of themselves showing off their erotic talents. They post blogs and talk about their intimate fantasies and fish for other couples that can help them fulfil those fantasies. They talk about their experiences and give good advice to those that ask. Most importantly they can be good role models for developing your stability in the lifestyle. There is no better way to take off those training wheels.

3. Hooking up

As the point above mentioned, you will meet people. You can’t swing without another couple, so you got to get out there and make friends. On swinger sites, of course, there are swingers from all walks of life, with an endless list of erotic play styles and fetishes. Create an account, check out profiles, and when you find someone you’re interested in, send them a friends request and an email. It’s important that you chat and get to know people. Comfort and chemistry can only be established by interaction!

4. Events/Vacations

When you are ready to start being physically in the swingers lifestyle, you have to go where swingers gather together. Swingers websites always keep you up to date on events that are running in your area. You can see guest lists so you know if there are couples/singles you’ll be interested in. Also most times you can get discounts to events from swinger websites.

5. Security

This is a topic that has become very controversial lately. By nature, swingers are very discreet. They want to keep their sexual preferences a secret for fear of judgement from friends, family and even professional peers. Swingers sites usually charge a fee to join, and one of the perks are special security on your content. Due to the over saturation of swingers sites out there today, many people have started to make secret accounts on public social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or posting ads on Craigslist in hopes to find others. This is not a good idea, folks. Facebook and Twitter keep a record of every post, picture, and video you have ever posted in the Library of Congress, no matter what your security preferences are. Also, Facebook and Twitter are open sources, so whatever you post (photos, videos) can be taken by someone else and used at their discretion. Not to mention that it is also illegal to post xxx content on Facebook. If someone flags you, you can be put in “FB Jail” which is a term used to having your account suspended or permanently banned. And as far as Craigslist is concerned. It’s easier to spend one day at a swingers club talking to real people all night then it is to spend weeks on craigslist trying to weed and seed out real people from pic collectors, and adbots. So as you can see, There is always a price to pay. The safest way to keep your content discreet online is to join a website dedicated to the swingers environment. They focus on keeping your content safe!


I hope this has helped you to understand the benefits of a swingers website. There has been a large growth in couples looking to share their erotic nature with others, and so swingers have been finding themselves with many more friends than ever!


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